we all need one…a corner…a nook…a place to just be….my sweet spot is a vintage table nested beneath jasmine vines in my backyard…i love to drink my coffee underneath the gentle aroma….and sometimes, for no reason at all…i’ll light the candles during the day…where’s your sweet spot??

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Mar 29-2010 , 10:51PM
    SO beautiful! You are so lucky to live in Cali. I love that jasmine!!
  2. Mar 30-2010 , 12:14AM
    What a perfect little spot. =]
  3. Mar 30-2010 , 06:57AM
    This is absolutely beautiful and serene. I want to read a book in your backyard.
  4. Mar 30-2010 , 12:44PM
    Your home seems like such a restful place. I love it!
  5. Mar 30-2010 , 03:51PM
    Jasmines are our favorite flower !!! Can we come for a visit... we'll bring Indian "Chai" :o)
  6. Mar 31-2010 , 09:55AM
    What lovely spot to have :) My sweet spot is our family room chair in my husband arms