before my wedding a good friend of mine suggested this sweet scent idea….search for a new fragrance, something you’ve never worn before….you must LOVE the scent….now put it away, hide it from yourself…and don’t even mention it to your groom…on the morning of your wedding day put on your new fragrance….of course you’ll feel special & lovely & happy….but the real gift comes later, because every time you wear your special perfume you’ll be reminded of your wedding day….and so will your husband….you’ll always have a sweet special married scent, which simply makes good sense….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 03-2010 , 09:43AM
    I love this. ;) ;) ;)
  2. Annabel Kim:
    Feb 03-2010 , 10:33AM
    Hi Elizabeth!
    Just wanted to say how much I love your photographs. I stumbled upon them yesterday, and am still looking through all of them :) Just too beautiful! :)
  3. Feb 03-2010 , 10:39AM
    I did something like this! Coco Chanel. :-)
  4. Feb 03-2010 , 12:25PM
    I did this too! I found these products by Kai (body butter, oil, and candles) and bought some for the wedding and travel candles for our honeymoon!
  5. Feb 03-2010 , 12:54PM
    What a marvelous idea...Thank you so much! I'm sure my soon to be husband will appreciate it.
  6. Feb 03-2010 , 01:56PM
    love the idea! so simple yet so romantic...
  7. Roberta Giacomini:
    Feb 03-2010 , 02:12PM
    Photographer beginner and I'm in love with your photos. How do you make these pictures clear? Use a program or is it just using the lens that is good quality? Pardon my english, does not speak this language, translate on google. I would love to answer.
  8. Roberta Giacomini:
    Feb 03-2010 , 02:13PM
    I forgot to say I'm from Brazil.
  9. Feb 03-2010 , 02:14PM
    I actually did this for my wedding two years ago - it's so true, whenever I wear the scent (usually for special occasions) it brings me back to that day and all the happiness and joy and love we felt! A beautiful idea!
  10. Feb 03-2010 , 02:28PM
    I'm not into scents (I have a very strong sense of smell!) but I love that birdcage veil!
  11. Feb 03-2010 , 02:55PM
    I did this for my wedding - Vera Wang: Sheer Veil. My sister surprised me with it on the wedding day. It is such a lovely scent and I got to wear Vera!
  12. Feb 03-2010 , 03:53PM
    such a beautiful idea...
  13. Ashleigh:
    Feb 03-2010 , 04:23PM
    I did this & so did my husband. 7 years later we still love our special smells!
  14. Feb 03-2010 , 08:55PM
    That's such a romantic idea. I love it.
  15. Feb 07-2010 , 01:48PM
    What a beautiful idea! Amazing how such little things can mean so much after connecting them with a special moment!