it’s official….kiss the groom is one year old today….we are so happy to be sharing our birthday with a day celebrating love….so kick off your shoes & make out with the one you love….we look forward to another year honoring life, love & kisses….& don’t forget to leave a wish in the post below…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 14-2010 , 02:36AM
    Happy Birthday to Kiss The Groom! I have been a reader since Day 1 and am grateful to have seen your beautiful images for an entire year!
  2. Feb 14-2010 , 02:49AM
    love it ! I've been following this blog since only a few months, and always been enchanted by the quality of the photos . .happy birthday.
  3. Feb 14-2010 , 04:13AM
    happy B-day! wish you have a long life!
  4. Feb 14-2010 , 06:46AM
    Happy Birthday Kiss The Groom! Gorgeous blog and fantastic images!
  5. Feb 14-2010 , 07:10AM
    Happy Birthday. Your images are exquisite. Kiss the Groom is definitely one of my favourite blogs to go to. Do you shoot film?
  6. Feb 14-2010 , 08:08AM
    Again, another exquisite photograph. You amaze me!
  7. Feb 14-2010 , 08:57AM
    Oh beautiful blog, Happy Birthday ... thank you for making us see a world full of lavender dreams, sweet blessings and so much more ....
  8. Feb 14-2010 , 09:11AM
  9. Graciete:
    Feb 14-2010 , 09:18AM
    Felicitations! Thank you so much for sharing your vision, which so very often inspires and motivates.
  10. Feb 14-2010 , 09:22AM
    Congrats! Great blog! I only recently discovered your blog and I luv looking in from time to time.
  11. Feb 14-2010 , 02:08PM
    Congrats!! I love your posts, and love the picture in this post!!
  12. Feb 14-2010 , 02:48PM
    Congratulations to you and your lovely blog, Elizabeth!!! Almost everyday I visit this blog (more often than any other blog!!!) and are always so blown away by your lovely photos & amazing words. So keep up the good work and thank you so much for your inspiration!!
  13. Feb 14-2010 , 04:44PM
    Happy Birthday Kiss The Groom!! Congrats on a year of beautiful, inspirational photos, can't wait to see many more!
  14. Feb 14-2010 , 06:17PM
    Happy blogiversary ... Thank you for sharing so much love over the last year!
  15. Feb 14-2010 , 08:37PM
    Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Birthday, Congratulations, your art is so beautiful.
  16. Ingrid:
    Feb 14-2010 , 10:40PM
    Wishing you beauty in your every day and in the tiniest of details. Feliz Cumpleanos.
  17. Feb 15-2010 , 11:16AM
    Happy Birthday to one of my favorite blogs!!!! You make me smile with your beautiful, emotional images.
  18. Feb 15-2010 , 02:30PM
    More and more beautiful the more I visit...

    A wish huh? I wish my belly had looked as perfect as your previous post!

    Best Wishes to you and many more years to come.
    Happy Anniversary and Valentine's Day too.
  19. Feb 16-2010 , 12:28AM
    Happy Birthday!! :)
  20. Feb 16-2010 , 12:59AM
    Ms. Messina,.....I love everything about this photo you've posted, the beautiful & subtle tones, the gorgeous contrast of the sequined heart,....and my fave,..the models eyes calmly closed,.....yep,...LOVE IT, inspire me as a photographer. Your blog is darn cool too. Thanks
    Lillie Louise
  21. Feb 16-2010 , 07:10AM
    Happy Birthday! Thank you for sharing your wonderful views of love! xoxo!
  22. Feb 16-2010 , 09:08AM
    Congratulations! Thank you for sharing and creating such inspirations! Always so beautiful!
  23. Feb 16-2010 , 05:02PM
    i wish you every happiness in your beautiful world.
    i also wish to meet you at wppi this year!!
    your friend in vermont.
  24. Feb 17-2010 , 10:52AM
    Happy Birthday and congratulations!
  25. Feb 17-2010 , 04:35PM
    truly sweet - and happy blog birthday! Thank you so much for the inspiration. Bride or not you make a lot of people smile everyday!
  26. Feb 17-2010 , 06:17PM
    Congratulations! Such a beautiful and inspiring little slice of my day. Thank you for that.
  27. Feb 18-2010 , 12:05PM
    [...] fabulous ♥ MangoRED go underwater ♥ Happy Velentines (amazing image!) ♥ Kiss the Groom is one year old ♥ Yolanda & Ben – part one and two. Love that [...]
  28. Feb 21-2010 , 05:50PM
    Congratulations! Your images are fresh and yummy. Keep up the good work!