what wishes fill your heart??


peace on earth….a baby of your own…someone to love you just the way you are….more sleep…less worry…more chocolate….what fills your soul & whispers inside of you?? do you listen?? are too busy to hear yourself?? today i ask you to stop what you are doing & listen to your heart….close your eyes & make a wish….then leave your wish in a comment below & i will pick one wisher to give a beautiful wish box full of special things from my own personal collection….i believe in love & wishes…xoxo



-a handmade “wish” crown
-a roll of lovely pink “wish” tickets
(the same ones i used at my wedding)
-a collection of my favorite chocolates
-a signed original photograph by me
-an amazing vintage box to keep all
the wishes & treats in…(you can add
your own wishes to the box
whenever feel inspired)


may all of your wishes come true…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Rocy Abreu:
    Feb 23-2010 , 08:37PM
    My wish is to not die without knowing what being in love feels like... it's a great gift from life I don't want to miss on :)
  2. Celeste:
    Feb 24-2010 , 11:04AM
    I wish that this lovely little creature growing in my belly has a beautiful life filled with so much joy and happiness and that her birthing day is a peaceful and beautiful bringing forth of life. Oh, and if she wants to some soon, that would be wonderful because mama looks like she swallowed a watermelon...or two. Happy, Happy Day!
  3. Mar 10-2010 , 08:25PM
    I wish for no regrets. For a full life with my amazing husband and beautiful daughter. To enjoy the little moments of every day and to have more of them. To grow in love daily. I wish to feel like I work less - that work will always feel like what I love to do and that I do what I love more.
  4. Mar 17-2010 , 08:26AM
    This came up in my RSS feeder two days ago, but then I clicked the link & saw it was from a month ago...hm. I will still share my wish though : ) The other night I watched an old Betty Davis movie Now, Voyager and the last line is "why wish for the moon when we have the stars?" So my wish is to see the many stars in my life & appreciate the abundance of what I have.
  5. Stephanie:
    Feb 07-2011 , 08:10PM
    I wish that I and the people around me will be ready when Jesus comes again for the second time. I hope that my ex-boyfriend will find a good mate and i hope he will forget the times of heartache and be lifted up to a higher place with HIM.