it seems that everything EDEN touches is beautiful…..she is a passionate designer…a devoted mother & one of the hardest working women i’ve ever met…and she does it with grace…she’s driven by the desire to create beauty & perfection….her work is simple beautiful…nothing can hold her back…


her daughters are wearing TWIGS & HONEY hair adornments…lovely little blonds like their mother


i love this crown portrait of EDEN‘s oldest daughter….


i also feel so blessed that EDEN is the lead designer for the FRANCE workshop


her outer beauty is pale in comparison to her inner beauty….


EDEN‘s company END DESIGN is an eco friendly socially conscious full service design house


may you days be full…& your nights be long…


and your garden as lovely as EDEN….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Vesna:
    Feb 11-2010 , 01:07AM
  2. Rachel B.:
    Feb 11-2010 , 04:26AM
    These are the most magical family portraits that I have ever seen! I am loving them and am so inspired by them! I can't wait to see what y'all do in France!
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    Holy cow, what incredible images. I am in awe. Your work is so amazing.
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    These are just so beautiful and ethereal. LOVE the one with dad's hand and the last one!!! Your work is inspiring...
  5. Feb 11-2010 , 07:44AM
    this is why i love your work, elizabeth.... a modern julia margaret cameron.
  6. Taryn:
    Feb 11-2010 , 08:17AM
    Beyond breathtaking....Wow. No words.
  7. Feb 11-2010 , 08:21AM
    thank you all so much....heather, what an amazing complement....i adore julia margaret cameron & was very inspired by her when i was in school....hope you are well....xoxo
  8. Feb 11-2010 , 09:51AM
    Such a gorgeous shoot. Such a beautiful mother and the most lovely daughters. Well done, Elizabeth!!! This is so lovely. Thank you for using the Twigs & Honey pieces too. Those girls are wearing them beautifully!!!
  9. Feb 11-2010 , 09:57AM
    Omigosh beautiful! I swear my mouth was hanging open going through these. So ethereal, angelic, romantic yet quiet... Incredibly inspiring.
  10. Feb 11-2010 , 12:54PM
    stunning!!! such a beautiful mother and daughters!!!
  11. Feb 11-2010 , 02:49PM
    She's the best.... Gorgeous photos Elizabeth!
  12. Feb 11-2010 , 04:56PM
    What an wonderful way to show their love.
  13. Kara:
    Feb 11-2010 , 07:08PM
    Amazing beauty that radiates in every piture!!! Eden and girls are gorgeous!!
  14. Feb 12-2010 , 07:03AM
    My good friend Eden, looking her usual most beautiful. Gorgeous images!
  15. Feb 12-2010 , 08:54AM
    wow. totally speechless.
  16. Feb 12-2010 , 09:36AM
    you simply are a muse...
  17. Feb 12-2010 , 10:20AM
    this morning i pulled out my mamiya 645 and hassleblad. i miss them! thank you for the inspiration.
  18. Feb 12-2010 , 02:31PM
    This is completely stunning. Those little girls are great little models! Beautiful work.
  19. Feb 14-2010 , 10:36AM
    These images are beyond wonderful. Stunning!! Well done.
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    this is the most beautiful collection of photos I have ever seen.
  21. Feb 22-2011 , 06:59PM
    pretty please!!! where do I get these beautiful angel wings??? ;-)
  22. Andrea:
    Jul 19-2011 , 08:40AM
    Elizabeth, your art leaves me speechless...
  23. Sep 09-2011 , 06:12AM
    Too beautiful.
    I love this blog so much