eden & her girls….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 06-2010 , 10:13AM
    Wow, that's so pretty! Right out of high-end ad/editorial.
  2. Taryn:
    Feb 06-2010 , 03:44PM
    An utterly gorgeous family!
  3. Rachel B.:
    Feb 06-2010 , 06:30PM
    I love how the little girl to the right is peeking. The image is ethereal and then her eye brings it back to real life.
  4. Feb 07-2010 , 02:55AM
    oh, the colors are gone! :-) i loved one before. there was something very brave and beautiful in mothers face, as i can remember. it made an impression on me. but i love this one too!
  5. Feb 07-2010 , 08:27AM

    I love the picture, but I prefered the color one... I thought the mother and the girl on the top giving hands was very very beautifil and was composing the image better. The little one looked less angry. And the coat of the mom was displayed better!!!!!
    But yes, you give me two to compare.... but I love it anyway.... great inspiration !
  6. Feb 07-2010 , 10:23AM
    morning all...the color will be back...i am going to do a full post on the shoot the meantime i just needed the quietness of the black & white image....keep an eye out, i will be putting up the complete series of images in the next few days....happy sunday...xoxo....elizabeth
  7. Feb 07-2010 , 10:23PM
    so beautiful.
  8. Ingrid:
    Feb 08-2010 , 09:05AM
    This will be a forever treasured photograph. Stunning.
  9. Feb 09-2010 , 08:03AM
    Beautiful shot, I love when you do photos from overhead like this one!