personal style is ummm….personal….we all have those days when we feel the need for a little change….nothing changes your point of view like cutting your hair off…it can be so liberating…


& even a little scary….us girls get very attached to our hair….


i found documenting the entire process very beautiful….almost meditative…


now, we’ve all had a “bang” moment in front of the mirror…you know when you decide to give yourself bangs, & the exact moment you cut, you realize you’ve made a terrible mistake…so girls if you find yourself in need of a change, go to a professional….do not allow yourself to be alone in the bathroom with a pair of scissors & an impulse for change…trust me on this, its not the way to go….


we all know that true beauty comes from within, but it sure is fun to play with your outside at times….


personal style is simply beautiful….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Christina:
    Feb 16-2010 , 10:56AM
    Love this!
  2. Feb 16-2010 , 11:12AM
    Love it!! :)
  3. Feb 16-2010 , 11:19AM
    Your ability to document something seemingly so simple and make it so extraordinary is admirable. <3
  4. Feb 16-2010 , 11:53AM
    You are so true! A new haircut or color or both can change soooo much! She looks beautiful with the new look, a lot more individual!
  5. Feb 16-2010 , 01:15PM
    love how you documented this~and, ironically, I just cut both my daughter's bangs last night. Yup~I say Go Pro whenever possible :)
  6. Ingrid:
    Feb 16-2010 , 08:44PM
    She's lovely curly and straight. Guilty of cutting when I should have run from the scissors and headed to a salon..ah personal style.
  7. Feb 16-2010 , 10:18PM
    so beautiful :)
  8. Feb 17-2010 , 07:41AM
    You look stunning!
  9. Feb 17-2010 , 08:54AM
    Looking at this post is inspiring me to cut my hair. I've been needing a change for a while. I guess I just need to do it! I wanted to perm my hair.......haven't had one of those for about 13 years! EEEK! You look fabulous!
  10. Feb 18-2010 , 09:55AM
    Love that you documented this process...beautiful haircut!
  11. Feb 19-2010 , 05:34PM
    I've been wanting to cut my hair since December! Thanks for showing this. And you look lovely!
    wendy g
  12. Ashleigh:
    Feb 22-2010 , 12:03PM
    that last photo - the most gorgeous eyes!