kiss & tell….

“there is no “how we first met” story….i’ve know him my whole life.  he was literally the boy next door.  i don’t have a memory of seeing him for the first time…kissing him for the first time…holding his hand for the first time.  i am so excited to experience all of this on our wedding day……all of our first moments as husband and wife.  our first kiss…first dance…the first bottle of champagne we crack open…the first “i love you”…  all the “firsts” that are to commence on our wedding day…i want them engraved in my memory forever….a freeze frame of each precious point in time.  a collection of “firsts” to compose the story of our lives…”




a little more sweetness...

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  1. Rin Nelson:
    Feb 19-2010 , 01:49AM
    breathtaking :))
  2. Feb 19-2010 , 06:33AM
    Gorgeous couple and gorgeous photos!
  3. ChiCat:
    Feb 19-2010 , 06:46AM
    Beautiful pictures! I'm in love with her outfit - any idea where she found it or who makes it?
  4. Feb 19-2010 , 07:13AM
    I LOVE these pictures. They are so beautiful and lovely and inspiring. I also love Jillian's story. There are so many wonderful firsts in a wedding and marriage!
  5. Feb 19-2010 , 07:56AM
    LOVE these!
  6. Feb 19-2010 , 11:49AM
    in love...
    with this post!! it just oozes romance and joy!
  7. Feb 20-2010 , 10:43AM
    sweetest session!
  8. Feb 20-2010 , 10:47PM
    Beautiful images, and the story behind their romance is just so sweet! Thank you for sharing :)
  9. Jeff:
    Feb 23-2010 , 10:24PM
    What a stunning set of pictures........... beautiful!!
  10. Feb 24-2010 , 12:08AM
    love that photos! ;) ps- that is my sister and future brother in law! see you in a few weeks. -Bree
  11. Mar 12-2010 , 11:07AM
    LOVE these Elizabeth! Jillian and Rick make the most gorgeous couple on the inside and out. I so enjoyed working with you for this amazing celebration. Can't wait to see the wedding images! xoxo - Kelly
  12. May 12-2010 , 05:03AM
    I can't help but get reeled into your work...your colors, the connection, and the crispness is amazing!
    Would you mind sharing who you use for editing and what you do for your sharpening? My sharpening never looks this clean.
    I am a huge fan of yours! Very inspired by you....
  13. May 12-2010 , 10:40AM
    thank you so much anna....i don't do
    any post production...i shoot with film...

  14. Feb 28-2011 , 11:06PM
    What a sweet story- and can't help but love her dress!

  15. Mar 06-2011 , 10:41PM
  16. May 05-2011 , 05:47PM
    It's these kind of blogs about love, that make me love my job!

    Robbin Montero
    A Dream Wedding
  17. Jan 30-2012 , 02:57PM
    Love this set!