there is so much in life to be grateful for…health, family, love….this month i am feeling full of gratitude…on february 14th, 2010 KISS THE GROOM is officially one year old…i want to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of the wonderful souls out there who take the time to share such kind words & thoughts…to show my gratitude, i will be having several amazing giveaways…so check back soon, the celebration begins this week…& thank you all for continuing to make me feel so blessed…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 04-2010 , 04:32AM
    thank you for being such a sweet inspiration to us, Elizabeth... xoxo
  2. Rachel Schindler:
    Feb 04-2010 , 05:50AM
    I am grateful for your blog. Love, Love, Love it!!!! My daughter is getting married in June and I happened along your blog and I am so grateful. Your photography is beautiful and I love your writing and poetry. Someday I would love to go to Europe on one of your get aways to see "Europe through your eyes."
  3. Feb 04-2010 , 08:35AM
    Happy one year anniversary on your beautiful blog! Thank you for making us smile with hope on a regular basis... we wish you many wonderful years of success and love...
  4. Feb 04-2010 , 09:51AM
    Happy Anniversary in advance! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work and can't wait to see what the surprise giveways might be : )
  5. Mom:
    Feb 04-2010 , 10:29AM
    Every day that I check out I am more impressed with and proud of your amazing talents, thoughtfulness and just special "you-ness."
  6. Feb 04-2010 , 10:46AM
    Thank YOU sharing your beautiful photos with us. It's one of the blogs I'm most excited to see a new post always supplies a bit of serenity and beauty for my day.
  7. Feb 04-2010 , 10:55AM year already...congratulations!!!
  8. Feb 04-2010 , 11:37AM
    Thank you Elizabeth for all the beauty you share here, both your images and your words. You are an inspiration to me. Congratulations on a wonderful year.
  9. Feb 04-2010 , 12:09PM
    so divine to have a little dose of beautiful to visit on a regular basis. looking forward to enjoying another year of peeking in your 'rose colored' world. :)
  10. Taryn:
    Feb 04-2010 , 12:40PM
    When I found this blog I was so grateful. It's so rare: romantic without being sappy, elegant without being contrived, sensual without being overt...beautiful and completely original. I have long promised myself one day you'll be taking pictures of my future family, pregnancy, household, SOMETHING...everything you do is just that lovely. Thank you, Elizabeth, for taking the time to share it all with us, who you've never even met...xoxo

  11. Feb 04-2010 , 01:54PM
    I love visiting your blog everyday.... your images are always amazing and I love the fact that you have stayed true to film....thank YOU! Heather
  12. Feb 04-2010 , 02:45PM
    I've been following you since day one and love your blog. Congrats!
  13. luciana guimarães:
    Feb 04-2010 , 05:07PM
    Thank you Elizabeth, for your wonderful images!!!! Happy Anniversary!!!! Congratulations!!!!
    I love your blog and your work!!!!... xoxo
  14. Feb 04-2010 , 06:45PM
    My gratitude to you Elizabeth for all the wonderful inspiration. Your images are so magical....thank you and Happy Anniversary!!!
  15. Feb 04-2010 , 07:56PM
    Happy birthday to Kiss the grom! Thank you for being such an inspiration!
  16. Feb 04-2010 , 08:50PM
    i am in love with all of your photos! what an inspiration! :)
  17. Feb 04-2010 , 11:40PM
    so exciting! congrats! I have your blog set as my homepage for my morning drool and cup of tea.
  18. Feb 05-2010 , 12:00AM
    all of you are so sweet....thank you thank you thank you...xoxo
  19. Feb 05-2010 , 10:51AM
    Congrats on the anniversary, Elizabeth! I adore your work and can't wait to see what's in store for the years to come :) xoxo
  20. Feb 05-2010 , 01:31PM
    I'm hoping for many more years of Kiss the Groom. I love this blog and all of the beauty in the photographs and words of inspiration.
  21. bea:
    Feb 08-2010 , 12:28PM
    where are these keys from, I need them for my wedding :)
  22. eryka vincent:
    Feb 10-2010 , 11:58AM
    I just found your blog and I am in LOVE! So many great things!
    The big question for today is, where did you get those keys?!! I would love to get them!
  23. Feb 11-2010 , 10:05AM
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