a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 22-2010 , 02:13AM
  2. Vicki:
    Feb 22-2010 , 02:58AM
    This is so incredibly adorable and definitely the best and simply sweetest baby photoshoot I have ever come across! Love it!
  3. Feb 22-2010 , 02:58AM
    I'll take two thanks (cute babies that case you're wondering :-) Adorable!
  4. Feb 22-2010 , 06:17AM
    My word, what an absolutely adorable baby, and a beautiful family! And of course perfectly stunning photography as always.
  5. Feb 22-2010 , 08:03AM
    what a precious shoot. i love that last shot!
  6. juan tellez:
    Feb 22-2010 , 08:05AM
    hello congratulations is a beautiful work, I too am returning to films, is another way to see the images. I love film photography and never die. ohn is passion, love and art. congratulations. a question please tomastes that devises and films in these photographs.
    I do not speak much English.
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    please answer me
  7. Feb 22-2010 , 08:30AM
    love love love these! so happy and joyful :-)
  8. Feb 22-2010 , 09:02AM
    beautiful family shots, but the last shot says EVERYTHING!
  9. Feb 22-2010 , 09:29AM
    Love this photo shoot...what an adorable family!!
  10. Feb 22-2010 , 10:24AM
    Beautiful Elizabeth...your attention to the details is so special.
  11. Feb 22-2010 , 12:57PM
    I LOVE these pictures! AWESOME!!!!!!
  12. Feb 22-2010 , 02:09PM
    OMG I cannot get over the photo of mom and dad kissing and the little one looking up at them!! That is the sweetest thing I've ever seen! Gorgeous, gorgeous photos!
  13. Feb 22-2010 , 03:08PM
    darling! I love it.
  14. Feb 22-2010 , 11:37PM
    What a stunning family! You have such an eye for the sweet details and moments. These photos are such a joy to look at!
  15. Feb 23-2010 , 09:02AM
    This is so warm and gorgeous.
  16. Michelle:
    Feb 23-2010 , 09:18AM
    How precious! I love the photos where the couple is kissing and the baby is admiring the love :)
  17. Feb 23-2010 , 01:33PM
    that last pic is fabulous! i love that they are both smiling!!!! beautiful!
  18. Sarah:
    Feb 23-2010 , 03:50PM
    I love Constance Marie.. I think she has an adorable personality. How neat that you got to do a shoot with her!!!
  19. Feb 23-2010 , 08:22PM
    Absolutely adorable!! Love the...well....LOVE between all of them, and love the big cloth diapered booty as well. :)
  20. Lorena Mora:
    Feb 24-2010 , 11:21AM
    I love Constance Marie, so funny! I love the pics of their daughter looking at them. The one where she is looking at dad she is very observant most babies don't do much of that. So adorable.
  21. Feb 27-2010 , 06:31AM
    Adorable photos and what a joy to see the bliss of parenthood in their eyes... too cute! x
  22. glauce:
    Apr 11-2010 , 11:01AM
    Very beautiful.