i am especially fond of CHEWING THE CUD & viola, the incredibly talented creator of the innovative company….viola designed all of the printed materials for A LOVELY WORKSHOP in napa & she is working tirelessly on amazing letterpress & printed surprises for A LOVELY WORKSHOP in france coming up in may 2010….she is also working on a very special personal project, a sweet little bun in the oven….to see more of her lovely designs & unique ideas you must check out STYLE ME PRETTY, abby will be putting up some more of viola’s work very soon…..

About chewing the cud….
“chewing the cud is a story depicted in the mediums of paper, apparel, and accessories. The tale is a celebration of all things unique; sometimes bold and dramatic; other times a soft whisper, or a playful hint of spice. The ending is always a kaleidoscope of inspired possibilities, and that, is how we like to see our world.”
-viola (creator & owner of chewing the cud)

i just love the BIG IDEAS books…..


“Why chewing the cud, you ask? We like to ask “why,” and then we like to ask, “why not.” chewing the cud defines that moment of meditation before taking a calculated leap. For the most part, we remember to bring our wings.”-viola….there is a sweet simplicity & loveliness to viola’s designs…


i always think its interesting to find out what inspires someone who inspires me….

and these are a few of viola’s favourite things…..

“running in the rain. flip flops. spotted feathers. cookbooks (with lots of photographs). steamed custard. square wreaths. laughing out loud. stripes and dots. tongue-scorching hot sauce. freshly picked lavendar. foldable bags. foggy mornings. pleats. wet clay. starry nights. crooked lines. books and blankets. white daisies. movies in the park. french macaroons. cigar boxes. dark roast coffee. lazy sundays. did I say coffee?”


these fabric wraps stole my heart the first time i laid eyes on them….these beautifully designed pieces are fabric are meant to be used to wrap a gift…i love this idea…a gift within a gift….its clever & sweet….and they make beautiful head scarves, my daughter has been wearing one around the house lately……here is some more information about the super stylish fabric wraps  in viola’s own words….

Unwrapping the story…
“I didn’t know it then but I think the idea was planted in my head many years ago, when I did my thesis on gift-giving in art school. I’ve always felt that the gift presentation is as important as the gift itself. Each wrap is a gesture of giving and carries a message: Give Luck, Give Cheer, Give Love… “
Wrap your gifts and loved ones with much love and luck….
And some of the more practical specs:
• all printed on 100% organic cotton using vegetable-based inks
• eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper
• great for wrapping odd-shaped objects
• great as a fashion accessory, napkin, cushion covers, as a print on the wall….


remember to stop by STYLE ME PRETTY & CHEWING THE CUD & let yourself be inspired….



two lucky winners will receive 3 CHEWING THE CUD gift wraps…as well as a BIG IDEAS book…each winner will get a yellow fabric “give luck” wrap, a blue fabric “give luck” wrap, and a flower fabric wrap….you can keep all three, use them as art for your wall, a scarf for your hair or maybe keep your favorite & give 2 to two of your favorite people….& i love the BIG IDEAS book, perfect to slip into your purse & pull out when something special pops in your mind, who knows how big your ideas can get?? so please leave a comment, cross your fingers & i will select 2 winners very soon….xoxoxo

a little more sweetness...

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