hello lovelies…and so it begins…the first gratitude gifts are a beautiful birdcage veil & headpiece made by TWIGS & HONEY…so girls tell me why they should be yours; leave a comment & a winner will be chosen soon…they are perfect elegant accessories for a wedding or cocktail party…xoxoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Rebecca:
    Feb 05-2010 , 07:32PM
    Almost two years ago my then boyfriend of eight years and I decided to tie the knot when he was accepted to graduate school 1000 miles away. I think it helped that I said that I didn't care what school he got into because I would go anywhere with him. We had a teeny budget wedding in his aunt's backyard with a friend who was ordained for the occasion and about thirty guests. We handmade all of the flowers out of crepe paper and bought our dessert buffet from the grocery store bakery. A honeymoon wasn't really an option since we had to pack and move two weeks later. We've never even had a vacation together. But this year for our second anniversary this July we are going to New Orleans and staying in the French Quarter, magnifique! I think it would be great to wear on Bourbon St. with a summer white linen dress. I would be doing things a little backward since I didn't have a veil for the wedding, but in New Orleans anything goes! I can't think of a more fitting place for such a beautiful flourish like this. Oooo and dance to street jazz bands. Yay!
  2. Feb 05-2010 , 08:04PM
    wow, what a perfect match for the shoes that i just got from shopruche for my march wedding.
    i am all the way in queenstown, nz, and am soaking up all the inspiration online.
    i am ordering almost everything from america over the internet and making the rest myself.
    they don't even sell birdcage veil material here, so winning that gorgeous twigs and honey one would make my day! {and give me one less thing to order and make!}
  3. abby:
    Feb 05-2010 , 08:23PM
    I just got my (vintage-inspired) wedding dress at the Running of the Brides in NY this morning, and everyone agrees a birdcage veil is the only way to go :).
  4. Karmia Griffin:
    Feb 05-2010 , 10:00PM
    The birdcage veil is superb, I love that it covers the entire face. It's great and I would love to wear it as I marry my favorite guy in teh world.
  5. Sara Griffin:
    Feb 05-2010 , 10:05PM
    This veil would be perfect! It would look fantastic with the dress, shoes, hair, my future husband and I!
  6. Feb 05-2010 , 11:01PM
    I'm a Masters student at the San Francisco Conservatory, where I study voice. I'm a coloratura, which means I sing all the craziest roles-I call them the Fairies, Dolls and Children.

    Graduation requirements stipulate we perform a recital, and I'm planning a fabulous evening of collaboration with my fiance, a classical guitarist. I am still choosing a dress, but that beautiful birdcage veil would be the sweetest accessory for any dress I chose.

    Thank you for the most lovely opportunity!
  7. laura sina:
    Feb 05-2010 , 11:17PM
    Oh Myra's birdcage veils are divine! I would love to have one of these pieces, not for myself ( I already have a twigs and honey hairpiece, that I adore! ) but for my bestie who is getting married this summer. There is something magical about Myra's work, and I would love to be able to give her a little bit of that whimsy and romance for her wedding.
  8. Nathalie:
    Feb 05-2010 , 11:35PM
    Myra's work is the very definition of beauty, elegance, one-of-a-kind, feminine, and love. Her work is impeccable and you can tell she gives each piece her all. I would love to have a part such dedication and pride become a part of my life. Thank you for the opportunity to win these incredibly beautiful pieces!
  9. Feb 05-2010 , 11:47PM
    oohh! gorgeous, i love myra's work!

    i love every piece!
  10. Feb 06-2010 , 12:53AM
    My 95 year old great-grandmother called me today to wish me a happy birthday. She began to ask me about our wedding details, then asked, "So will you have a veil, or a smaller headpiece?" With all of our planning, I have to admit that I hadn't taken much time to really think about it yet, but I knew right away that I would prefer a birdcage veil or a small headpiece. Now that we're home from celebrating, I began to search for my dream wedding hair accessory and I found this contest. It seemed like a sign, so I'm entering! Thank you! I love your website, and I love Twigs & Honey's accessories!
  11. Feb 06-2010 , 04:35AM
    Gorgeous products! These items would be the perfect motivation for me and my fiance to actually start planning my wedding :)
  12. Feb 06-2010 , 04:43AM
    Oh what a beautiful giveaway!! Myra is such a sweetie. She custom made a piece for me for my wedding (last March).. she was such a doll to work with. Such a talented woman!! Everything she creates is amazing.

    It would be amazing to win this because our ONE year wedding anniversary is coming up (3.21) and before knowing about this giveaway.. I was considering ordering another piece from Myra... to begin a collection of her pieces. Maybe one for every anniversary! How grand would that be?! Totally amazing!

    I hope you are having a beautiful weekend! xx Love & Aloha :)
  13. Hanne:
    Feb 06-2010 , 06:13AM
    I love Myra's veils! It seems impossible to find such pretty things here in Europe. I'll be getting married in October and my short hair is a bit of a worry, because I have (had) absolutly no idea what to do with it. Seeing this beautifull veil is the solution! I would love to wear it on my wedding.
    Thank you for the beautiful blog. it's giving me loads of inspiration!
  14. Mah:
    Feb 06-2010 , 08:32AM
    Beautiful! Winning this piece would be amazing!
  15. Genevieve Grant:
    Feb 06-2010 , 09:13AM
    I have been visiting Twigs & Honey's website for months now. I absolutely love love love the collection. I am having a vintage garden wedding, and this veil would be the missing piece to my wedding get-up. I'm already wearing my mother's dress from the late sixties, so this veil set would be the perfect addition. I would love to wear it on my big day!
  16. Amy:
    Feb 06-2010 , 10:11AM
    Oh how beautiful! I can only imagine how gorgeous this veil would be for our vintage casual wedding! Yay for pretty things!
  17. Erin:
    Feb 06-2010 , 10:23AM
    So beautiful, elegant, and classy. I would love to wear this veil!
  18. Feb 06-2010 , 11:42AM
    Oh I would be honored to wear this birdcage veil for my wedding! Been on the lookout for the perfect one and this one is stunning!
  19. Feb 06-2010 , 12:16PM
    Oh my goodness...

    This would be perfect for my wedding this summer!
  20. Amber Allbritton:
    Feb 06-2010 , 01:17PM
    I'm getting married this September. This veil and hairpiece would be absolutely lovely to wear for our vintage elegant wedding. What a beautiful give away.
  21. Elisha:
    Feb 06-2010 , 03:09PM
    On our wedding day my wife wore one of myra kims pieces and she looked gorgeous. Our one year anniversary is coming up in a month and to celebrate our special day with a new piece from myra would be totally special and awesome!
  22. Feb 06-2010 , 04:08PM
    i want to give my daughter the best for her wedding. That's why i want to win
  23. Judy:
    Feb 06-2010 , 04:17PM
    My daughter is getting married in May. We recently were at a local bridal shop, my daughter was trying on wedding gowns. After trying on many beautiful gowns, she had found the one that is perfect for her. The girl helping brought out some veils for her to try. She had put on a couple veils, then she put on a birdcage veil. She loved the birdcage veil and absolutely loved it.
  24. Jackie:
    Feb 06-2010 , 07:20PM
    I stalk Twigs & Honey etsy and blog site everyday for updates. I'm just amazed at her hand crafted work. There are many etsy sellers that sell hairpieces but I keep coming back to Twigs & Honey. I'm hoping the final piece to complete the my Bride look is from Twigs & Honey.

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway!
  25. Feb 06-2010 , 09:42PM
    Twigs and Honey was something I stumbled across by accident right after I got engaged. I thought I wanted the big, traditional white wedding, but after looking through Myra's Etsy shop, I realized that what I thought a wedding should look like just wasn't me. A wedding is a time to celebrate the special and unique things that you and your partner share and the wedding itself should be a reflection of that- from the vows to the veil.

    The beautiful and creative accessories Myra makes are all so amazing- as an artist myself I know how much time and effort goes into a piece and the delicate works of art from Twigs and Honey practically glow with that same dedication and attention to detail. Even if I don't win this, I know I'll end up buying a piece for myself before the big day (which is sneaking up now!)- I can't help but feel like anything else in my hair would seem out of place!
  26. Matthew:
    Feb 06-2010 , 10:21PM
    I'm not a girl, but I would love to photograph my best friend in one of these beautiful creations.
  27. Sara:
    Feb 06-2010 , 10:35PM
    I adore all things Twigs & Honey, but have recently had to cut my wedding budget due to unforeseen school bills and sadly all the pretty things that Myra has created that I have coveted for so long are out of reach for me. I would love to win this beautiful set, it is exactly what I have envisioned for my wedding day!! I would wear them with pride if I were to be lucky enough to win!
  28. Hazel:
    Feb 07-2010 , 10:23AM
    It's not what I wear that makes me beautiful. Every bride should feel confident and gorgeous regardless of what they have on. I choose what I wear as an outward expression of my personality, my ideal of beauty: chic, sweet, romantic, and elegant.When I envision myself putting a Twig & Honey piece in my hair, I can hear myself saying, "Fits me exactly. Beautiful!"
  29. Stacy:
    Feb 07-2010 , 10:45AM
    A birdcage veil is the last piece missing from my upcoming wedding. I have my heart set on this veil to complete my look and the feel of my wedding. The most important thing about our wedding is that it reflects us and our personalities. This veil describes my elegant but fun personality. It is something that I would be honored to share with my sister when she gets married and maybe one day even a future daughter on her wedding day. The headband has a special place in my heart as well. It is the perfect detail for my rehersal dinner, honeymoon and all future parties/events. Winning these would make my day and I would be so graitful!
  30. Donna Cooper:
    Feb 07-2010 , 02:15PM
    Does because I think Twigs & Honey creates breathtakingly beautiful pieces and really really want one count as a reason? I'm not getting married, or giving it to someone that would be for me. I am a stay at home mum raising a daughter - and in a world that doesn't value motherhood or acknowledge its importance - receiving this would be like a pat on the back I know I deserve. While sometimes it's difficult and guilt laden - I try to make myself a priority - because I know if I'm family will be happy. And looking pretty is one of the ways I take care of myself. Wearing this birdcage & veil won't make me look'll make me look BEAUTIFUL!
  31. Leah:
    Feb 07-2010 , 04:08PM
    I was ecstatic to hear about this giveaway-- I've been swooning over the work at TWIGS and HONEY for ages now! Myra's creations are classic, clever, and fetching. I would love this beautiful set; I know that it would give a fun and beautiful touch to my wedding day and I'd be looking for occasions to wear them long into the future! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed..very tightly!
  32. Deanne:
    Feb 07-2010 , 06:35PM
    I would love to wear this gorgeous headpiece on my wedding day! I think it is the most perfect piece to add that little extra something to an already beautiful day. It so sweet & romantic, it would be a gorgeous addition to my wedding apparel <3
  33. Melina:
    Feb 07-2010 , 07:09PM
    Pick Me, Pick Me, Pick Me. To desperate?
  34. Ali Knaapp:
    Feb 08-2010 , 12:06AM
    very classic... a beautiful addition to an amazing event!
    fingers crossed!
    thanks, ali
  35. Hannah:
    Feb 08-2010 , 12:55AM
    This would be so perfect with my simple ivory lace dress and homey, backyard wedding. Love love love.
  36. susan:
    Feb 08-2010 , 08:03AM
    This is lovely! I would be honored to wear this, please enter me :)
  37. marie:
    Feb 08-2010 , 08:50AM
    the birdcage veil is exactly what i have been looking for! woohoo!!!
    i feel like this lovely piece is made for me!
  38. Feb 08-2010 , 12:22PM
    The birdcage veil would go perfectly with the vintage-inspired homemade wedding dress I am designing for my September wedding! I love Myra's designs and would love to be a proud owner of one of her pieces!
  39. Stef:
    Feb 10-2010 , 06:24PM
    I love the birdcage veil! I have been looking for vintage inspired veils, and have recently fell in love with the birdcage style. When I came across this giveaway, I knew it was fate. My mind has been made up, and I will definetly be wearing a birdcage veil. They are beautiful, elegant and classic. I love it!
  40. Feb 11-2010 , 10:38AM
    i'm getting married on may 1 and initially decided that i was going to make my own birdcage veil, but then i saw this one. it's perfect. the theme for our wedding is vintage romance, and being that is in the spring, we are incorporating all types of soft, lovely colors like pale yellow, peach, creme, etc. what a perfect way to complete my wedding day style. i love love love it.
  41. Feb 15-2010 , 10:25PM
    all the amazing comments above, are discouraging, but here is my try at pursuing the giveaway! I adore TWIGS & HONEY! and your art is always more than breath taking.