tori & dean & liam & stella

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Feb 27-2010 , 10:51AM
    ohh i really love that blue design on the headboard!! the pictures are also so light and heart warming! this last pic is really cute with liam in the back looking up at stella hehe.
  2. Feb 27-2010 , 12:32PM
    Beautiful pictures!!! Beautiful family!!
  3. Feb 27-2010 , 12:50PM
    Can these be any more perfect??! They all look so beautiful and happy! So many blessings. And I ADORE that last one of Liam peeking around at his baby sister :)
  4. Feb 27-2010 , 04:11PM
    This is so beautiful...There is a radiance of peace and love from this pictures...Very very beautiful...
  5. Feb 27-2010 , 07:04PM
    Wonderful family photos! You've created such beautiful memories for Tory's family!
  6. Feb 28-2010 , 01:15AM
    absolutely gorgeous, love the colours and the sweet tenderness!
  7. Feb 28-2010 , 02:17AM
    These are delicately elegant and oh so breathtaking!! I wish wish wish that I could ever be as talented as you are!!!
  8. Feb 28-2010 , 05:01PM
    beautiful family!! your photos are so sweet and magical!!!
  9. Feb 28-2010 , 09:02PM
    These are gorgeous and they look like a loving family! :-)
  10. Mar 01-2010 , 03:21AM
    i've never seen more perfect lighting elizabeth <3

    you.....are......inspiring <3
  11. Mar 01-2010 , 08:58AM
    I concur...the lighting is gorgeous. The images are so light and refreshing. They are truly a beautiful family.
    Beautiful work as always.
  12. Mar 01-2010 , 02:35PM
    Ah! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these images! Wow!
  13. Mar 01-2010 , 04:29PM
    Was this lit with anything other than natural light? Looks beautiful!
  14. Mar 02-2010 , 03:31AM
    Oh, the light is just magical! My favorite is the one with dean & liam & stella - rare to see beautiful images of the father alone with the kids.
  15. Mar 02-2010 , 10:35AM
    thank you all for the sweet comments....its all natural light...xoxo
  16. Mar 11-2010 , 05:24PM
    I really really love this. I want this look for my own family portraits! I attended your class the other day at WPPI and I walked away SO inspired. Thnk you for your work!
  17. Mar 14-2010 , 06:04PM
    your work is so incredibly beautiful. i love your pp, gorgeous gorgeous photos!
  18. Mar 15-2010 , 10:59AM
    wow... just beautiful!
  19. Apr 11-2010 , 01:59PM
    Elizabeth, I must first say that I was so inspired by you when I saw you speak at WPPI. Thank you so much for giving me goose-bumps and sending me home inspired. Secondly, I was curious to know in the Tori & Dean images here if you just lucked out with gorgeous natural light or if you created that light. So very gorgeous!