these two love birds met & fell for each other in view camera class…..


the camera was a sweet & meaningful addition to their photos…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 11-2010 , 10:35AM
    Oh Elizabeth Messina, your photos make my day a little better every time I see them! I love your outlook on life and your appreciation for all the simple, beautiful things around us!
  2. Jan 12-2010 , 06:15AM
    I love that the pictures are in sepia! Works perfectly with the old camera and the mood. Beautiful, Elizabeth!
  3. Jan 12-2010 , 11:15AM
    adore the camera!
  4. Jan 12-2010 , 03:25PM
    Your such a great photographer. Love the images!
  5. Jan 12-2010 , 04:03PM
    What a wonderful story they must have. I love these images!
  6. Jan 12-2010 , 10:54PM
    so pretty - love these!