an OH, HOW CHARMING affair


OSCAR DE LA RENTA gown + sea air + LOUBOUTIN ballet flats = heaven on earth

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Rachel B.:
    Jan 29-2010 , 03:07PM
    Elizabeth, I have just discovered your photography and have gone through your whole site. Oh, your work is beautiful! I have been ooohing and aaaahing over it. Each image is perfectly crafted. Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
  2. Jan 29-2010 , 05:28PM
    I love the pretty flats as an option to feet-killing heels!
  3. TH:
    Jan 29-2010 , 05:57PM
    That dress is such a classic!
  4. Jan 29-2010 , 09:38PM
    Beautiful Oscar De La Renta gown and sweet Louboutin ballet flats ... heavenly!
  5. Jan 30-2010 , 08:11AM
    oh! I love her shoes!!
  6. Kristin M.:
    Jan 30-2010 , 08:54AM
    the photos of the ocean look like oil paintings... heavenly!
  7. Jan 30-2010 , 08:19PM
    This is the most exquisite wedding collage. I love everything, the dress, the ballet flats, the brides profile and the seascape images. x
  8. Jan 31-2010 , 10:31AM
    This photographer is totally crafted. Love her. Hope to see more of your great works...
  9. Feb 02-2010 , 11:16AM
    [...] ballet slippers to lacy slip-ons, these gorgeous flats featured on Kiss the Groom offer a unique twist to traditional beach wedding [...]
  10. Feb 04-2010 , 08:05AM
    beautiful images. really and truly.
  11. Feb 11-2010 , 11:36AM
    The color, the negative space, the ballet shoes - artful!
  12. maren:
    Feb 12-2010 , 09:27AM
    beuatiful!!! on what impeccable beach did this wedding take place?
  13. Feb 12-2010 , 10:24AM
    turks & caicos...xoxo
  14. Feb 15-2010 , 01:29AM
    I love those shots..The dress is so elegant and classy!Thank you so much for posting these photos!
  15. maren:
    Feb 16-2010 , 03:00PM
    so beautiful! I'm actually getting married in Turks next year! What resort was this shot at?
  16. Andrea:
    Jul 19-2011 , 06:05AM
    A beautiful wedding + your photography = heaven on earth
    Andrea x