a sublime love story…years ago as i made my way through the corridors of art school…i was shy, painfully shy…a very sweet girl smiled at me in class & we became fast friends…sometime after that we were room-mates….we witnessed each other evolve…we took photographs & laughed, bathed in red light & fixer…and talked about the boys that tugged at our heart strings…and so the story begins….i remember when leah met duncan….we would listen to mazzy star on the tape deck & wait for him to take her away on the back of his bike towards the rest of her life….he was her true love…


“Ride It On”

Ride it on baby,
Into my view
Ride it on baby,
Into your side
Ride it on baby
Just like you used to do
Did you want me to love you, well,
I’m just here for the call
And you said that you’re so low, well,
I won’t really do you any harm
Won’t you ride it on baby,
Just like you used to do
There’s no love that you’re over feeling
And you still want to be with me
But you’re leaving like you said that you would
I’m waiting for the call
And you love like you always say now
But you know it won’t do you any harm
Ride it on baby,
Just like you said that you would
Oh then ride it on baby,
Just like you know it’s understood
Ride it on baby,
It’s still into your view
Ride it on baby,
I only want to be with you
I’m dreaming that you’re going far,
And you lie, take and whine
Won’t you ride it on baby,
But you’re so heavy for the price
Ride it on baby,
Just like you said that you would



in her words…a kiss & tell….or rather a love & tell….

“you said that you love me baby, ride it on — always reminds me of the wind on Divisadero street and in the silent hum of cars in the night I sat waiting and wanting the roar of his motorcycle to be screaming my name on his way passed , under my window, his lips on my breath against the glass of my window and the tiny piece of paper that held my number to the leather strap of his seat¬†holding on and tracing his steps like my finger on the edges of his lips and my cheek against his cheek my hair blowing around his face into the night”



leah & duncan have been happily married & journeyed through life’s ups & downs for the past fifteen years…they have two beautiful boys & are still wrapped around each other’s hearts…they have matching tattooed wedding bands & a beautiful home in philadelphia…i have been photographing leah for twenty years…it’s been a beautiful work in progress…a true collaboration….a friendship….


leah is an artist, a wife & mother, & a wonderful friend…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 27-2010 , 12:15AM
    How beautiful... photos, woman, styling, love story, everything. Leah makes the most beautiful art too!
  2. Jan 27-2010 , 01:11AM
    What beautiful portraits...
  3. Ingrid:
    Jan 27-2010 , 09:51AM
    I absolutely love these. I think you have truly reached both her inner and outer beauty. These portaits are gorgeous and say so much. Love them..love them.
  4. Jan 27-2010 , 02:40PM
    Leah is, and has always been, a gentle genius brave enough to reveal her inner grace and provactive femininity without limits or conditions. The entire piece is deeply moving. Thank you for sharing it.
  5. Taryn:
    Jan 27-2010 , 04:42PM
    What a cool and beautiful woman. Femininity is so protean....ever fascinating.
  6. Jan 29-2010 , 11:13AM
    These are breathtaking. She is so stunning, you captured her perfectly.
  7. Amber:
    Jan 31-2010 , 10:29AM
    Tearfully beautiful words and amazing pieces!
  8. Feb 04-2010 , 09:14AM
  9. Erika Smith:
    Feb 07-2010 , 09:01AM
    Elizabeth you are truly talented in a way I can only envy... And Leah you look so beautiful. And I am glad that we have continued to work together for these past 3+ years... I have learned so much from you and I can only hope to continue to grow with your talent, love and inspiration.
  10. Feb 13-2010 , 05:31PM
    Absolutely breathtaking. I'm in awe.
  11. Sarah Leonard:
    Apr 15-2010 , 02:46PM
    Leah is actually my teacher at the Art Institute in Philadelphia. It is only my third week of her class and I can tell I am going to learn so much. Leah gave me your website and I was scrolling threw, I said "I know those tattoos" and it was Leah. All your work is beautiful Elizabeth! I want to be a wedding photographer hope to be after graduating college.
  12. Feb 23-2011 , 09:58PM
    goodness...so incredibly lovely. what a gorgeous tribute to a dear friend. and on a side note - i adore mazzy star {so much that my cat is named mazzy}...so many memories attached to her music :) thank you for inspiring my day.