a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 13-2010 , 07:06AM
    Oh my goodness, gorgeous. I love old crumbling cemeteries.
  2. Jan 13-2010 , 10:30AM
    I love everything about this photo! The Sepia, the combination of life and youth in a a place of death and decay...what can I say, I'm a poet?!
  3. Jan 13-2010 , 11:00AM
    oh wow.. love, love, love it.
  4. steve:
    Jan 13-2010 , 05:01PM
    find that one rather Strange.. Kids in a cemeteries?
  5. Jan 13-2010 , 08:35PM
    Very different... but sweet at the same time :)
  6. Jan 15-2010 , 10:22AM
    in love with this website.
  7. Lauren:
    Jan 17-2010 , 12:52PM
    I love it... it's one of the most beautiful and visually interesting photos I've ever seen!