i have heard from time to time that a few men out there who aren’t crazy about wearing a ring (even if they are head over heels crazy in love with their lovely wives)…the beauty of a wedding band is that it whispers to the world “married”….i love to see my husband doing some simple thing, like eating a bowl of cereal & the casual way his ring hangs out on his finger makes me happy…here’s the thing, the ring is a sweet token of the love & relationship you share with your mate….& for those of you reluctant to wear a ring….remember this, it sure is easier than carrying around a “married” sign…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 05-2010 , 10:22AM
    I love seeing my husband with his ring on too. I never gave it much thought before being married, but the symbol does remind me of his commitment to me & it makes me smitten just to see it. He, like a lot of men was reluctant. But after about a week, he said he was used to wearing it.
  2. Jan 05-2010 , 10:30AM
    Ha! I whole-heartedly agree. While some men just don't like wearing jewelry of any sort, it seems a small sacrifice in order to declare your love and commitment to the world. It makes me giddy seeing that ring on his hand as he goes about his day. :]
  3. Jan 05-2010 , 11:03AM
    Here here! It always urks me when husbands don't want to wear their ring. Let the world know that you belong to someone just as she belongs to you.
  4. Jan 05-2010 , 11:04AM
    I work at a jewelry store. I can wait till I get engaged and can pick out wedding rings. Men can be so cute when they are ring shopping.
  5. Jan 05-2010 , 02:07PM
    My husband was so reluctant at first but he got used to it and now he never takes it off! THANK YOU for writing this! I'm forwarding this post to my male friends who won't wear their rings! :)
  6. Jan 05-2010 , 04:10PM
    I find nothing more romantic or sexy as my husbands hand with his wedding band snug around it. I adore that when he takes it off, there is a perm. ring there as well. As if the sunshine even wanted the world to know he is mine!
  7. cjager:
    Jan 06-2010 , 11:57PM
    My fiancée is reluctant to wear a ring, only because he has broken fingers from multiple sporting injuries and one is unlikely to fit him. My brother-in-law often does not wear his ring because he is an engineer in mining and could quite easily lose his finger. Yes rings are nice, but they are not always practical and that does not mean that the man in not committed. The ring is only a 'symbol' of your love and commitment, the ACTUAL love and commitment comes from the person.
  8. Lauren:
    Jan 07-2010 , 12:34PM
    So perfectly said! I have always loved my husband's strong yet elegant hands... the way he gestures, the way he holds things, the way his fingers feel laced through mine... but seeing his wedding band catch the light and feeling it against my fingers makes me so simply and perfectly happy... and he wears it beautifully :)
  9. Jan 08-2010 , 10:59AM
    i love this.. you are amazing...
  10. Jan 10-2010 , 08:33AM
    Hihi, I immediately forwarded this to my bf who's not that into a wedding ring. yet that is.