sometimes all you need is the perfect pair of shoes…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Lauryn:
    Jan 09-2010 , 03:35PM
    maybe one I can have a pair of my own :-) I really love the image with the red ones and they are dancing. great movement in her skirt!
  2. Jan 10-2010 , 08:27AM
    no, no - you need a perfect pair of shoes e.v.e.r.y.t.i.m.e. ;)
  3. Jan 10-2010 , 09:29AM
    Awe.... for the love of shoes!
  4. Jan 10-2010 , 09:59AM
    Food, water, love and beautiful shoes ~ the necessities of a woman's life!
  5. Jan 10-2010 , 10:39AM
    red shoes are awsome, beautiful pics as always!
  6. Jan 10-2010 , 12:01PM
    this color palette is lovely.
  7. Jan 11-2010 , 01:56PM
    colorful socks are now de rigueur for me, thank for the inspireation :)
  8. Jan 13-2010 , 12:16PM
    LOVE this palette, and love the shoes... what a great way to showcase the red soles!
  9. Jan 17-2010 , 04:53PM
    I love shoes and I love Louboutin!!!
  10. Jan 20-2010 , 09:44AM
    I know i am a bit late to comment here, but I cannot help myself! This board is *amazing*! Makes me want a closet full of "loubies"! I'll keep dreaming! xo!
  11. Jan 20-2010 , 11:16AM
    Amazing! My love for shoes grows deeper every time I see a pair of Louboutin shoes! Great board!!!
  12. Jan 20-2010 , 11:17AM
    This makes me so happy. Love!