for morning light & fresh flowers…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 22-2010 , 12:31PM
    Flowers are wonderul, GOD is great. I like looking at your pictures.
  2. Jan 22-2010 , 02:34PM
    And no more rain! Beautiful photo!
  3. Jan 22-2010 , 04:15PM
  4. Jan 22-2010 , 06:54PM
    mrs. Moore.. You are the most amazing photographer I have ever seen in my 3 years of checking photographers out every day.. Your heart is so beautiful.
  5. TH:
    Jan 22-2010 , 07:20PM
    I can't wait until spring to come, but for now, I'm happy to just look at your pictures!
  6. Jan 25-2010 , 08:49AM
    good morning elizabeth! sadly we are having a big january thaw here in vermont today...the snow is disappearing quickly. so these cheerful pink flowers are a day brightener. thanks!