in love….

i am not sure why, but i just simply love photographing people upside down…. mothers & babies…lovers….siblings…newlyweds….maybe its because it reminds me of how loves feels….like everything is off kilter in the most perfect way….that when you are with someone you love things feel…different….and when you are alone you notice the difference….i think upside down kisses are without a doubt the best….so stop what you are doing & remember how it feels to be head over heels…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 07-2010 , 06:00AM
    lovely! thanks for sharing :)
  2. Lauryn:
    Jan 07-2010 , 07:15AM
    i love kissing my husband upside down :-)
  3. Jan 07-2010 , 09:07AM
    Neat looking grass that they are laying on...look like nature's own pillow!
  4. Jan 07-2010 , 09:53AM
    you said it perfectly...
  5. Jan 08-2010 , 01:06AM
    Elizabeth, your blog is breathtaking... Love love love it. xxxxx
  6. Jan 08-2010 , 05:31AM
    A beautiful photo...im now off to kiss my husband to be upside down! a lovely post thank you! x
  7. Jan 08-2010 , 09:38AM
    ahh so true. :)
  8. Jan 11-2010 , 05:37AM
    love this pictures, great pose