getting away on your wedding day is just like everything else, we all do it a little differently….whether you are canoodling in an antique car on horseback or strolling off arm & arm, the most important thing to remember is how wonderful it is to have a few moments alone with your new husband…the day will fly by….your friends & family full of good wishes & love will swirl around you & before you know it your wedding day will come to an end…its really a metaphor for life…things are always swirling around us…its so important to make a little time for the love of your life…sounds obvious but you’ll be surprised how life can get in the way of your plans…so hold hands & kiss you man (or woman) & get away with the one you love…trust me, you’ll be glad you did…xoxoxoxoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 24-2010 , 12:29PM
    what a neat collage, so many pics all tying into one
  2. Jan 24-2010 , 02:00PM
    So gorgeous.. I just love getaway shots :)
  3. Jan 24-2010 , 06:16PM
    cute getaway shots!! charming!
  4. Jan 25-2010 , 01:47AM
    So true! You couldn't have shown or explained it any better than that! Thanks for reminding me=)
  5. Jan 26-2010 , 02:27PM
    Pretty pictures! I love getaways shots too :)
  6. Feb 01-2010 , 06:06PM
    what beautiful photos!
  7. Amanda:
    Apr 22-2010 , 10:19AM
    Love this! Would love to know the designer of the bride's bolero?/dress in the last row, second picture!
  8. Mar 15-2013 , 06:45PM
    These photos are so beautiful, classy.