one of my new year’s resolutions was to learn something new…i am so happy to say that i have learned encaustic painting…and i was taught by my amazing friend & wax artist Leah MacDonald…i spent the weekend in my studio melting wax & pouring it over some of my favorite photographs…i felt like an artist & a little kid all at once…i am smitten….i think my images have met their mate…i am now working on creating a body of encaustic work….if you are interested in owning a handmade encaustic piece of art, please contact me directly (…and is you are interested in turning your own images into encaustic art visit WAXWORKSPHOTO….and for those of you with the time & inclination your can hire LEAH to come to your studio & teach you all the beautiful secrets of hot bees wax…so now on to my next resolution…more balance in my life…wish me luck…xoxoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 19-2010 , 01:27PM
    wow!! beautiful!!
  2. Jan 19-2010 , 01:52PM
    wow! I've never heard of this!
  3. Jan 19-2010 , 04:02PM
    mixing encaustic painting with photos - wonderful idea! and the result is wonderful as well :)
  4. Jan 19-2010 , 05:21PM
    Love this! I'm taking encaustic classes this year too - your post made me so excited to begin!
  5. Jan 19-2010 , 07:14PM
    Absolutely beautiful! You're right-- your images are PERFECT for this kind of thing.
  6. Jan 19-2010 , 07:20PM
    LOVE encaustic! Took a workshop in it, it worked so well with the oil sticks I use. Wish I had a good space to get messy in so I can try this again.
  7. kristi:
    Jan 19-2010 , 08:21PM
    The link to the website for the tutorial on how to create our own encaustic pieces is not working. It says the "the password has expired". Help? :)
  8. Jan 19-2010 , 08:24PM
    So lovely Elizabeth - and how fun to see your already gorgeous images in a new way.
  9. Jan 19-2010 , 08:31PM
    eeeek! I've been quietly anticipating your creation! It turned out so beautifully!!!! ooooh... aaah! I'm going to blog it right now.
  10. Jan 20-2010 , 12:42AM
    That is so stunning!!!! LOVE IT!!!! :O)
  11. Jan 20-2010 , 02:00AM
    What an awesome mixed media piece creates such a haunting, vintage effect! I can't wait to learn this method.
  12. Jan 20-2010 , 09:52AM
    leah was a guest on the martha stewart show & actually taught martha this process....i do not think the link for that still works....definitely contact leah if you want any more info....she is a sweet & wonderful person & is very generous with her knowledge...xoxo
  13. Jan 20-2010 , 12:53PM
    this is beautiful.
  14. Jan 20-2010 , 02:47PM
    Your photos are beautiful! Absolutely stunning. Your photography brings out the true beauty of true love and passion through marriage. Keep up the great work. We also work hard to convey this beauty & love. Glad to find others who share the same passions as we do.
  15. Jan 20-2010 , 03:29PM
    that is so beautiful. what a fun project to learn.
  16. Jan 21-2010 , 05:52AM
    Fabulous!!! I spoke to Leah after seeing your first post, about a year ago, I'm calling her again today and get going on this.
  17. Jan 21-2010 , 07:31AM
    Just found your blog and I love it!
    Greetings from Italy,
  18. Jan 21-2010 , 08:13AM
    That is beautiful! Quiet, soft, untouchably beautiful.
  19. Jan 21-2010 , 05:50PM
    I have no words... UNBELIEVABLY mesmerizing piece of art...
  20. Jan 21-2010 , 09:32PM
    this is absolutely gorgeous and matches your work so perfectly. your work is so beautiful as it is, but this takes it to a different level. do you mind telling me what you did to create the white design in the bottom left hand corner?
  21. Jan 21-2010 , 09:44PM
    the white pattern was made with a vintage brass plate (used for making designs on fabric i think)...i coated it with white oil paint & stamped over the wax after it had dried....xoxo
  22. Jan 21-2010 , 09:45PM
    and thank you everyone for all of the lovely words....xoxo
  23. Jan 25-2010 , 01:16PM
    Speechless and totally excited to try it myself. Thank you for sharing!
  24. Jan 27-2010 , 10:16AM
    oh, I'm in love!! So gorgeous!
  25. Jan 27-2010 , 12:59PM
    Liz, my breath is taken away. Your artistry- your experimentation... your compositions are fantastic and I'm so psyched for you that you have departed from your rigorous work to play, dream, imagine with a friend- your soul's probably very nourished- I feel that way when I go to the museums- walk, watch, wander and imagine if... I love the encaustic work you've done- so great that it feels so right to you. Thank you for the beautiful presentation.