love these amazing animals…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Jan 15-2010 , 04:03PM
    love this!
  2. Jan 15-2010 , 05:38PM
    i love alpacas too... if you are ever in Oregon, there are multiple Alpaca farms in Hood River you should visit... and lavender farms too. ;)
  3. Jan 15-2010 , 06:20PM
    these were on a ranch outside of santa fe....they were beautiful....and my children got to feed them...xoxo
  4. Jan 15-2010 , 07:13PM
    So exotic and sweet, at the same time! I really love the alpaca's coat... and all the little haircuts they get!

    Thanks for sharing, I adore your blog and work =)
  5. Jan 16-2010 , 12:32AM
    Oh my gosh, Elizabeth!!! These are so beautiful. I love alpacas!! Sorry, I've been out of touch. Email coming soon... Have a wonderful weekend. I think this is my favorite photo I've seen all day:)
  6. Jan 16-2010 , 10:29AM
    I looooove Alpaca...there is one Alpaca farm near my parents-in-law...they are sooo cute.
  7. Becca:
    Jan 16-2010 , 05:04PM
    So sweet!

    This would make such an adorable photo series for a baby's bedroom, what with the softness and the colours and the fuzzy white adorable alpaca...
  8. Jan 16-2010 , 08:47PM
    I absolutely love the color in these photos... beautiful. I guess I've never thought of alpacas as beautiful or romantic, but it's almost like these came straight out of a fairy tale.
  9. Jan 25-2010 , 08:45AM
    soooo cute! this white one reminds me of my big white poodle! have a lovely day, e.m.!
  10. glauce:
    Mar 17-2010 , 07:49AM