a little more sweetness...

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  1. Dec 17-2009 , 08:04AM
    very, very nice :)
  2. Dec 17-2009 , 10:20AM
    oh. my. goodness. look at that belly... she is stunning. i LOVE the last image of him looking into the camera. beautiful, beautiful session!
  3. Dec 20-2009 , 05:47AM
    Striking and gorgeous! That belly is so luscious!! I'm loving the passion and richness in these shots.
  4. Dec 21-2009 , 06:40PM
    wow. your photos are always filled with so much love and passion. that bottom right image...breathtaking. :)
  5. Dec 22-2009 , 05:24PM
    Gorgeous belly!!! Beautiful pics!!!
  6. Dec 23-2009 , 11:59PM
    twins for i right i right???

    i had twins, mine was just like that, just sayin

    gorgeous sess
  7. Dec 24-2009 , 11:36AM
    yup...beautiful identical twin boys....xoxo
  8. Feb 15-2010 , 12:37PM
    Wow. Just stunning, Elizabeth. Her belly. Amazing! Well done.
  9. Mar 03-2011 , 09:56AM
    This session brings me shivers with it's beauty. sigh...