starting anything new can be daunting…there is no one way to procede…no life manual (or at least i didn’t get mine)…sometimes the first sep is the hardest…so its important to remember, everyone has to start somewhere…so why not start here…now…today…let this new year…this friday morning be your start….to what?? what ever your little heart desires….for me….i am craving balance…and this coming year i will search for it high & low….i also want to learn something new…something i have never done before….i am ready & about to take my first step….i say, lets take a walk together…xoxoxoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Dec 31-2009 , 12:24PM
    Indeed! I say yes to balance and yes to new challenges!
    Happy New Year
  2. Jenni Bailey:
    Dec 31-2009 , 12:26PM
    I am so glad I follow this blog. I just got back from my city hall. I filed all the paperwork and paid all the fees and, as of January 1st 2010, I will officially be the owner of my business. I feel so elated and scared and relieved, so many different things at once, and I'm so glad to hear someone else expressing the same feeling. I can't wait to see what you come up with in the new year. Thank you for all of your inspiration.
  3. Dec 31-2009 , 01:18PM
    An inspiring post much-needed on a day where I feel so low. Thank you for making me feel like you're in my corner. And your daughter is simply beautiful.
  4. Dec 31-2009 , 05:07PM
    I'm SO with you!
  5. Dec 31-2009 , 07:33PM
    balance is good, i second that.
    i crave peace and more laughter this 2010.
    happy new year!
  6. Dec 31-2009 , 08:01PM
    Oh how I love your words! I'm in! Love this photo....and what is to come. ;0) Happy New Year!
  7. Jan 01-2010 , 12:34PM
    This was a perfect post for me to read today. Here's to change and balance and a better year than the last!
  8. Jan 01-2010 , 12:48PM
    Thank you for your words and "Kiss the Groom"~today and always.
    I'm sending this on for all I know to read.
  9. Lauryn Galloway:
    Jan 02-2010 , 08:16AM
    thank you for this! I am going to do more with film this year. Im determined. :-) It just has such a different quality that I love and digital cannot capture it the same way.
  10. steve:
    Jan 03-2010 , 04:54AM
    happy new year. Lovely photographs..

    in the beginning was the word, and the word was with God..and the word was God.. john1.1

    When u dont have christ ur alone. Without the word u are lost.
    all things start with christ jesus... And all things are possible with God. Have a blessed new year
  11. Jan 03-2010 , 08:18AM
    Beautiful, hope you had a Happy New Year!