over the holidays i have been spending a lot of time cooking…and following recipes (i am normally a fly by the seat of my pants in the kitchen kind of girl)…i am also of course smitten with anything “french”…so as i prepare for my workshop in france next year, i have been flirting with the art of french cooking….so far i’ve had two successes, (i base this on the “mmm’s” my kids make & the amount of food left on their plates), coq au vin & for christmas , beef bourguinon….


here’s what i’ve learned…cooking like photography requires time & devotion…flavor is in the sublities….perfect seasoning is a bit like perfect light, you must be sensitive & attentive to capture the perfect balance…at least with cooking, you can follow a recipe & have some confidence in the outcome….a good photograph is perhaps a bit more elusive….for me, as much as i love preparing a special meal for my family, i can only devote a limited amount of time in the kitchen…i will occasionally devote a day to cooking, but my true passion is photography, alas there aren’t enough hours in the day…to those of you who are masters in the kitchen, i bow down, humble & in awe…


whatever your passion may be…here’s to the time & patience to pursue it…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Dec 26-2009 , 12:52PM
    I love the always. I just watched Julie and Julia last night, and I've been wanting to go pick up a copy of "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" and I think this post is the final push to head to the bookstore.
  2. Dana:
    Dec 26-2009 , 04:43PM
    I too saw Julie and Julia and fell in love with the idea of making French meals Anna!! Elizabeth as usual, you inspire me!! :) Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
  3. Dec 29-2009 , 04:05AM

    I just found your blog and I loved your post on "The Art of French Cooking". I am an American, living in Burgundy and the proprietor of The Cook's Atelier. I am curious about your workshop in France next year. Is it a photography workshop? Can you give me any details?

    Here's to following you passion in 2010!