tables manners seem to really depend on the type of food you’re enjoying…popcorn pretty much demands fingers…as does a hearty piece of farm bread dipped into a bowl of homemade stew….now, a salad invites proper use of a fork….and i mostly agree that elbows on the table are not a great idea, unless you are laughing with a good friend over a glass of wine….then you can pretty much lay on the table & still have good manners….when it comes to chocolate, there are no rules what so ever….all i am saying, is that manners vary from table to table…person to person…meal to meal….bon appetit…

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Kim:
    Dec 20-2009 , 09:11AM
    love the spoons!
  2. Dec 21-2009 , 11:53AM
    So cute and so true! :)
  3. stephanie:
    Feb 26-2010 , 10:03AM
    LOVE the spoons!

    Would you mind sharing where they're from?