just isn’t enough….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Dec 29-2009 , 01:36PM
    Oh, come on... This is crazy amazing good!!
    Stunning subjects and you've captured them wonderfully!
  2. Dec 29-2009 , 03:40PM adorable...
  3. Dec 29-2009 , 08:14PM
    oh, how adorable...
  4. Dec 29-2009 , 10:40PM
    this is true!!!!!
    i dont know what i would do with just one.
    god bless them.
  5. Dec 30-2009 , 01:12AM
    Oh my goodness...what a sweet moment!
  6. steve:
    Dec 30-2009 , 01:54AM
    elizabeth... This is lovely, your signiture soft light and shallow dof wonderfully helps set the mood and shows off your subjects so wonderfully.
    Im a im feeling dis one!
  7. Dec 30-2009 , 02:52AM
    this image is so sweet. i love it!
  8. Dec 30-2009 , 03:27PM
  9. Jan 03-2010 , 02:34PM
    such a nice picture - wonderful!
  10. Jan 19-2010 , 04:32PM
    what a perfect sweet moment.. i'm sure their parents will treasure this, they may not have many quiet moments like this in years to come ;0) beautifully done!