this was a dream come true for me…photographing the wedding of a lovely couple….cherise & aaron…and the icing on the cake is that chersie is one of the founders of an amazing luxury shoe company called OMELLE (pronounced “ahm’ elle”)…all the shoes in the collection are crafted in italy…the shoes are unique & stylish…with architectural details….i am coveting the pair below….


most of you already know, that i get a little weak in the knees around a beautiful pair of shoes….i was beside myself at this lovely wedding…i should mention, it was planned by the amazing LISA VORCE….she perfectly captured the essence of this sweet couple….classic timeless touches mixed with modern charm….a perfect compliment to the fabulous shoes that seemed to be everywhere….


because pretty much every female guest was rocking a pair of OMELLE shoes


of course, the most important element of the day was the absolutely palpable affection these two love birds had for each other…they were so tender & kind with each other….simply wonderful….xoxoxo


kiss & tell (she said)….

“When the doors to the church opened on our wedding day, all I could see was Aaron waiting to take my hand at the end of the aisle, ready to embark on our journey together as husband and wife.  Our five year relationship was a series of hellos and goodbyes, as I lived in New Orleans for two years and Los Angeles for three years of our courtship and Aaron lived in Las Vegas.  Most of the kisses we shared have been at an airport or through the travels we experienced together around the world.  However, the most memorable kiss we have ever shared was after we were pronounced husband and wife, knowing we would never have to say goodbye and our kiss was symbolic of a new life as one.  I would forever be with the love of my life, my biggest supporter and my best friend for an eternity.”

Cherise Angelle Hurlburt


kiss & tell (he said)….

“Our courtship lasted five years and earned us approximately fifty thousand frequent flier miles.  Cherise was based in New Orleans for the first two years of our relationship and Los Angeles for the remaining thirty-six months.  As much as I wanted to be elsewhere, I was in Las Vegas.  If you had asked previous to our wedding day, “what was your most memorable kiss?” , we would have had great difficulty naming a specific place or date.  Our minds flashback to the many undistinguishable airport terminals because it forever seemed we were constantly coming or going from one another.  As cliche as it may sound, we both agree that there was only one kiss, the kiss that ended the distance and our elite frequent flier programs, the kiss we shared at our wedding.  I was standing on the alter with my best man when the doors at the front of the church swung open and I saw a silhouette encompassed by a brilliant white light.  It was the last time Cherise would ever have to come to me.  I cannot but help to think of the metaphor of the church being like a terminal.  However, in this instance, when we kissed, a kiss we had practiced on many prior occasions, we were departing not on planes, but from our individual persons.  We were one.  Never again would we be saying good-bye.”

Aaron Hurlburt


have a beautiful shoe day….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Dec 15-2009 , 07:33AM
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  2. Dec 15-2009 , 08:52AM
    Ooo- cute shoes! I love the ones with the light blue silk tie around the ankle!!
  3. Dec 15-2009 , 09:56AM
    i LOVE those shoes! what a beautiful wedding...
  4. Dec 15-2009 , 10:08AM
    wow...what a wedding...beautiful...and their words on kiss & tell just make me cry...
  5. Dec 15-2009 , 10:16AM
    Oh, I'm in love with all of the shoes and your beautiful images, of course, but also I ESPECIALLY love the Novia and Novio signs... makes me want to plan my wedding all over again. ;) Gorgeous!!
  6. Dec 15-2009 , 11:08AM
    Drool-worthy shoes. I love the bows and the unique overall design. One more item for the wish list. ;)
  7. Dec 15-2009 , 02:17PM
    Oh my lord your images of these awesome shoes just made my day !!
  8. Dec 15-2009 , 04:30PM
    ((As always, another incredible set!))

    Yesterday I was informed that my best friend of 10 years passed away in her sleep. She was only 28. Why am I sharing this as a blog post some of you may be wondering, I just feel like I needed to share it with the world. It's so easy to get caught up in the day-to-day act of life, especially during the holidays. Everyone please just take the the time to stop and appreciate those around you during this busy holiday season. Treasure every minute you have with those around and don't go to sleep with harsh feelings. Being a photographer brings me so much joy, because not only do I have fond memories roaming through my head I also have so many photos to help me relive every story and every memory the two of us shared together. My heart is heavy today but I wish you all the warmest and happiest holidays!
  9. Dec 16-2009 , 11:20AM
    Their story is magical and full of love! And yes, I can see why you covet her shoes. Wonderfully creative design - and especially girly (which I love!).
  10. ashley:
    Dec 16-2009 , 05:56PM
    can u tell me more about the cake? what are the jewels on it? or atleast who makes it thanks!!
  11. Dec 16-2009 , 09:04PM
    sweet words of love. that's what a wedding is all about.
  12. Dec 17-2009 , 05:24AM
    Absolutely Beautiful Shoes and Photos!!!
  13. Melissa:
    Dec 21-2009 , 11:25AM
    The shoes are great! Do you have any close up pictures of her ring?! It looks amazing and I would love to see a close up!
  14. Dec 21-2009 , 01:19PM
    Wow, those shoes- and that dress- perfection.
  15. Elaine:
    Dec 28-2009 , 09:49AM
    Words don't even do justice... I'm in heaven.
  16. Jan 11-2010 , 07:52PM
    i know that the shoes and the dress and the details are lovely, but their WORDS about seeing each other for the first time, the miles that covered their courtship and that they would never have to leave eachother....those words were what made the post so beautiful. thank you for sharing!
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  18. Crystal:
    Jan 13-2010 , 08:38AM
    Gorgeous! Anyone know where I can find the black tiered bridesmaid dress, the one shown holding the bouquet in the middle of all the shoe photos? Or one like it??? Exactly what I'm looking for!
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  20. Feb 15-2010 , 08:24AM
    WOW. The groom's kiss and tell. This is the kind of man every woman wants.
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