yes, i saved it…i simply loved my bouquet & still do….mindy rice wrapped the lavender with linen & velvet ribbon….then she attached a pendant that belonged to my grandmother….i felt as if my grandmother was with me as i walked down the aisle….it was so simple & lovely….the lavender is dry now & falling off….but it still brings a smile to my face….may your day be full of nostalga & sweetness & lots of little reminders of love….the details in our lives are often full of inspiration…xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Dec 01-2009 , 10:24AM
    What a lovely bouquet! I just found your site a week ago and it's amazing and so simple and beautiful.
  2. Dec 01-2009 , 11:01AM
    what a beautiful bouquet. makes me wish i had saved mine.
  3. Dec 01-2009 , 01:43PM
    So beautiful. I love the simplicity of it!
  4. Dec 01-2009 , 07:58PM
    I just love the way it turned out. Breathtaking.
  5. Dec 02-2009 , 12:48PM
    Oh absolutely beautiful. I just love coming to your site, it always makes me stop, think, and appreciate.

    simply lovely!
  6. Dec 02-2009 , 10:37PM
    I adore your sentimentalities! sweet.
  7. Dec 04-2009 , 12:24PM
    I saved my bouquet, too, black magic roses, and it dried beautifully, just hung it upside down for awhile. I have it where I can see it every day. TOTALLY recommend it!
  8. Dec 04-2009 , 04:26PM
    so pretty! i have heard of people framing parts of their bouquet as well, if the whole thing didn't preserve so well. i adore bouquet charms. a vintage keepsake from a loved one, or even a vintage locket with photos of loved ones who can't be present...
  9. Dec 11-2009 , 04:15PM
    Very unique and a great way to continue to use that Wedding investment.
  10. Dec 14-2009 , 04:55AM
    I kept mine too!!! It's stored in a box and in the loft and I'm going to get it out on my 1st Anniversary and show my daughter..... and I shall have to try hard not to let my tears of happiness spoil it xXx