it’s no secret that i simply LOVE lavender…its elegant…& simple…casual & yet oh so lovely…i carried a bouquet of lavender at my wedding….and i just fell head over heels for this beautiful bouquet…it’s so perfect…i can almost smell the sweet gentle aroma of lavender in the air…..j’adore….


may your day be full of sweet lavender day dreams….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Dec 28-2009 , 03:30PM
    I agree – lavender is such a wonderful scent. My friend used some as the centerpieces at her wedding.

    By the way, lovely blog! :)
  2. Dec 28-2009 , 05:27PM
    L.O.V.E.!!! so sweet...
  3. Dec 28-2009 , 11:35PM
    oh, i totally agree...i can smell the lavender right now . love these images.
  4. Dec 29-2009 , 12:16PM
    Such pretty photos! I love lavender and never would have thought about it for a wedding.
  5. Dec 29-2009 , 05:31PM
    Love the idea of lavender and wheat for a bouquet! So simple yet so beautiful!
  6. Lauryn Galloway:
    Dec 29-2009 , 05:43PM
    oh i love lavender too! I acutally worked on an herb farm that specialized in lavender and we had a couple fields of lavender. Wonderful place to work, can you imagine it?
  7. Dec 30-2009 , 06:08PM
    My grandmother use to place lavender in a small pouch that she made from scraps of material and place it in her clothes drawers. Lavender makes me think of her. Thank you for these photo's. ;0)
  8. Dec 31-2009 , 12:43PM
    I so love the beauty in all your images. I realize there is a very subtle post production that takes these to the next level. I have not been able to achieve this lovely look. Can you share just a bit about what techniques you use to get the antique look?
  9. Jan 03-2010 , 06:23AM
    Love the wedding gown.Such exquisite elegant design.The flower bouquet is simply adorable too!
  10. Jan 27-2010 , 01:38PM
    I plan on doing this myself. I wanted to know if there were any other photos? I'd love to see more from this wedding as I think I could learn a lot from them!