kisses make everything better….xoxo

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Dec 08-2009 , 12:35AM
    ahhh, so refreshing. i hope to one day make it to your workshop. :)
  2. Dec 08-2009 , 08:43AM
    I love your work! I just graduated from school and coming to your site brings me inspiration. I am pretty sure you shoot film mostly? If so, do you mind sharing what kind? I shoot with a Mamiya 645AF and mainly use Kodak 160NC and a large format.
  3. Dec 08-2009 , 12:37PM
    great post! :)
  4. Dec 08-2009 , 04:55PM
    i shoot mainly with a contax 645...all my color film if fuji...i love 400NPH & 800NPZ...the faster film gives me more freedom & has the most wonderful tones....good luck with your photography...xoxo