three years ago today i gave birth to this sweet little baby girl….she is remarkable in every way….from the moment i met her, her eyes looked into mine with the such affection….she is the same today….so very generous with her hugs & smiles…she’s been speaking in complete sentences sine the tender age of one….its disarming, her wit, her kindness, her ability to seem completely independent & utterly vulnerable at the same time…she can do everything herself or so she”ll tell you…when i call her my “baby”, she’ll look me intently  & say “mommy, i am not a baby, i’m jasmine”…and yet she’s gentle and very tolerant of my mothering…and in the evenings she melts into my body, as if she knows she’s my baby & is tired from another day of being a big girl….she can scamble eggs, wrestle with her big brother & draw perfect smiley faces…she loves to touch my skin, it keeps her calm & grounded…& when she’s sleepy, she’ll wrap herself around my arm, as if its a doll & when she sleeps, she sleeps soundly, surely gathering strenth for the adventures that await her when she arises, she is the sweetest flower in the garden, an angel with curls & secrets that whisper to my heart…..jasmine, my jasmine.

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Nov 06-2009 , 09:00PM
    precious, precious girl!
  2. Nov 07-2009 , 01:37AM
    Happy bday Jasmine!
  3. Janneke:
    Nov 07-2009 , 01:45AM
    Love al the pictures, but the first one most!! :)
    Happy birthday!
  4. Nov 07-2009 , 11:06AM
    She is amazing and your words fill my heart with thoughts of my two-year-old son, Dathan. Thank you for sharing.
  5. Nov 07-2009 , 01:24PM
    So many beautiful moments there...what a beautiful girl!
  6. Graciete:
    Nov 07-2009 , 02:21PM
    The images are beautiful, as is she, but as a mother to a 7 year old daughter who is growing up way too fast for her mother's heart, your words and most obvious love for one another touch me the most... Wishing her many more birthdays, always in the company of those who love her!
  7. Nov 07-2009 , 06:17PM
    Oh, she picked the best mommy in the world for her. Happy birthday to Jasmine :)
  8. Nov 07-2009 , 06:43PM
    LOVE these!
  9. Nov 07-2009 , 09:12PM
    Oh so touching! These brought little tears of love and the recognition of a heart. Beautiful.

    And... Happy Birthday! To mommy too...
  10. Nov 08-2009 , 03:17PM
    Oh Elizabeth, I love to hear you talk about your children... so touching. Happy belated birthday to your sweet little scorpio princess! Such a cutie!
  11. sherri kardell:
    Nov 08-2009 , 04:19PM
    Elizabeth your photos. are fabulous, but your love letter to your littel angel is simply beautiful.
  12. steve:
    Nov 09-2009 , 03:34AM
    what wonderful words.. and photographs full of feeling..
    every child is a gift from above.. happy birthday ikle one!


    PS - My daughter is now 8..and slowly the cuddles are drying up as she grows and is discovering independance. Hurts sometimes..but you know each and everyone of us does it..only to discover in many years time what we missed out on...and we return to cuddle and hold our parents again.
  13. Nov 09-2009 , 01:50PM
    oh, she is beautiful! your photo's are just so lovely. thanks for sharing. makes me even more excited to have a family of my own one day!
  14. haleah:
    Nov 11-2009 , 01:43AM
    SO lovely! What beautiful moments these are! 3 years! Wow! Happy Birthday Jasmine! xoxo
  15. Jan's camera:
    Nov 14-2009 , 11:42AM
    Your words were so touching and amazing. You are a very lucky woman to be able to have that kind of bond and love. Happy Birthday Jasmine and Mom.
  16. Jun 19-2011 , 07:18AM
    I am in love with your work. You do fabulous work, so creative, energetic, happy and captivating. I especially love the images of you family. What beautiful treasures. Thank you for the inspiration. :)