SARAH DRAKE DESIGN is a simply wonderful invitation company that has (lucky for us) started a new line of beautiful home products…stunning linen table clothes & napkins….linen sheets….dishes….& more…& everything can be personalized with you & your hubby’s monogram…



Art and Soul

“Sarah Drake is a design company inspired by real relationships, experiences, and true stories. We infuse this into our letterpress wedding invitations, monograms, linens, and ceramics, all custom made. Sarah Drake is run by two women, who strive to bring the most attentive service to our customer base. The nature of the products comes from developing relationships with our clients through active listening. Customers share their backgrounds, loves, style, and personal histories. Our products become pieces of art that evolve from their narratives and often go beyond the client’s expectations, as we are creating product that is truly representative of their souls. This is our main goal as a company, to develop positive relationships while keeping a careful eye on the quality of our designs, paper, ceramics and linens. 
Our relationships with vendors are equally important in maintaining the integrity of our business.We use the services of small, family-run companies to provide the highest and most green quality products available. In fact, most of the companies we work with, including our printers, are within walking distance of our Chicago studio. By building community within our industry, we can create the finest quality products, reduce shipping costs, contribute to the growth of Chicago’s economy, all while developing long lasting friendships.
The soft economy has given us a chance to reflect on our goal as a business in a world already overwhelmed with products and waste. Our work is different. Each order is custom made per client, not mass produced. Whether it is an invitation to an intimate event, or a porcelain mug, each item passes through our doors with a history already attached to it. It has been produced specifically for the person it was meant for, meticulously designed with our fine eye for simplicity and form, and created by local artisans or by our own hands.
Our personalized service provides the catalyst of what it means to connect with each other. We have stayed in contact with many of our clients, formed new bonds that have resulted in shared dinners, invitations to clients’ homes, and even been witnesses at their weddings. We think that above all, this is what is important in life. People, relationships, conversations, and the best product available that grows from all of this.”



i must confess….i have known sarah (one of the founders) for some time…i photographed her wedding years ago & have long been a fan of her creative design work…but these home items have me a bit weak in the knees- (i am waiting for my very own grey linen table cloth & napkins with bated breath)


and they have a line of every day dishes that is so simple….perfect for any meal


which you can have personalized for your family too


SARAH DRAKE DESIGN’s products feel like home


“i am my beloved’s & my beloved is mine”


ohhhh….and i love the knit throw….its perfect for a lazy afternoon or a walk in the park


whether you want a perfect invitation, a bowl of figs or to fall asleep in a field of dreams….


take off your shoes & snuggle up with

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Nov 02-2009 , 11:13AM
    Beautiful... makes me want to wrap up in that blanket, take a walk, and then nap on that bed... Elizabeth, these are so gorgeous and wonderful.
  2. ally:
    Nov 02-2009 , 02:38PM
    Where were these beautiful photos taken?
  3. Nov 02-2009 , 08:14PM
    these photos were taken outside of chicago...xoxo
  4. Blair:
    Nov 03-2009 , 10:20AM
    You are amazing. I just found your blog and I love it. Your photo's speak to my soul. I wanted tot thank you for sharing your amazing talent. xo
  5. Nov 06-2009 , 10:12AM
    just stunning!!!
  6. Dec 01-2009 , 01:04PM
    [...] We’ve sourced from far and wide, but found most of our vendors right here in Illinois (With the exception of our belgian linen). We’ve had our initial photo shoot, on location at a beautiful farmhouse in Indiana. It was a day of craziness, as we worked with the talented Elizabeth Messina, and since we were doing everything ourselves, we were running from food prep to ironing, to setting up shots, to hair and makeup, to exhaustion! But, as you can see from the photos, it all turned out. Elizabeth paid us the ultimate complement by posting about the shoot here. [...]
  7. Kaylee:
    Dec 07-2009 , 08:20PM
    Okay, I am addicted to your sight. These are so beautiful and inspiring. Is there any particular place where you found or got some of the items in these pictures?
  8. Dec 11-2009 , 10:14AM
    Oh my goodness. I just love these photos. That jacket is incredible. You wouldn't happen to know where it is from would you?