we all have them…one of those days when your heart feels heavy….when your bed becons you, even when you have way too much to do…maybe someone hurt your feelings or your jeans don’t fit….or maybe there is no reason at all….sometimes life swirles around us & we forget how to just be….maybe those days are little gifts….maybe your head longs to rest in your hands…maybe the next day will be full of joy & productivity…we all need down days…days to wallow…days to mourn…days to just be…maybe there aren’t simply good days & bad days…perhaps its simply life….unpredictable….ever changing….life is sad & beautiful….so rest your heavy heart & let yourself be….xoxoxo….elizabeth

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Nov 01-2009 , 07:10AM
    Very poetic, thanks for sharing.
  2. Nov 01-2009 , 07:35AM
    Thank you for this beautiful post~ I lost my mom in August after a very short and sudden battle with brain cancer, everyday has felt like this for me. I needed this today, so thank you....
  3. Nov 01-2009 , 08:07AM
    When I saw your post I had just gotten off the phone with a friend who was having "one of those days"... and I sent the link to her. Sometimes just acknowledging that this is life... good days and bad... ups and downs... always changing... makes it better. Thanks for such a thoughtful post.
  4. Nov 01-2009 , 10:07AM
    Thank you for sharing this - I love the honesty in this post. A great reminder to us all to allow ourselves to be and feel every emotion.
  5. Nov 01-2009 , 10:14AM
    thanks for your words, made me feel better about my 'down' days. I'll remember that some days are just meant to be that way and I love how you put it so well...
  6. sherri:
    Nov 01-2009 , 10:19AM
    I really needed this today Elizabeth. My most sincere gratitude...xoxo
  7. Nov 01-2009 , 05:26PM
    thanks for this, it hit the spot!
  8. Nov 07-2009 , 09:47AM
    I absolutely loved this! (Then again, I absolutely love your blog in general. :) So short, sweet, honest, artistic. I have had a number of days like this recently, so this post was timely for me.
  9. Nov 08-2009 , 02:16PM
    Elizabeth, each of your images is a capture from a world of dreams.