so we all lose things…our keys…our favorite sweater…at times our sanity (or maybe that’s just me). when we are little it seems we somehow are able to take those losses in stride….perhaps the loss of our two front teeth was made easier knowing the tooth fairy was headed our way….we all have growing pains, difficult times in life that lead to more fulfilling richer experiences….all i am saying is that i could sure use a “key fairy” to come along from time to time…to help with grown up growing pains…

a little more sweetness...

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  1. shahara:
    Nov 04-2009 , 07:16PM
    awww...he's growing up!...can't believe all four are gone so quickly!
  2. Nov 05-2009 , 04:16PM
    I look at your site evey day and for the first time, I just HAD to comment. What a beautiful, happy boy. Love the muscle shot, boys love to do that!! Thanks for sharing so much happiness.