my love for cakes, crowns & simplicity has lead me to this….a lovely celebration


the happy birthday sign was created by the FAMILY ATTIC SHOP


i found the sweet little dress in a boutique in paris


the cake, cupcakes, photographs & children were all made by me;)


i love simplicity

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Nov 20-2009 , 02:00PM
    Beautiful. Happy Birthday!
  2. Nov 20-2009 , 09:33PM
    I love that! "children... made by me." Too cute and your little girl breaks my heart. SO cute.
  3. Nov 20-2009 , 10:36PM
    wow...beautiful...adorable...and sooo cute. Happy birthday!!!
  4. Nov 20-2009 , 11:45PM
    I do too! Simplicity is the best and you're one of the best at what you do! I hope to one day be as fabulous at this craft!! :) What a great inspiration you are! Love and Happiness to you!
  5. Nov 21-2009 , 01:16AM
    so beautiful!!!
  6. Nov 21-2009 , 11:26AM
    The photos are simply stunning ... happy b-day to your little one, Elizabeth! You`ve done a good job - in every way ;)
  7. Nov 21-2009 , 12:43PM
    Wow...I love the simplicity of these images. Your baby is adorable=)
  8. Nov 21-2009 , 07:47PM
    Sublime. Following your blog is so inspiring. And when we see the simplicity of your photos and the impact they have, we can only be charmed by your personnality. Your lucky children have the best model.
  9. Nov 22-2009 , 12:57PM
    Your beautiful sense of style shows in everything you create... you definitely deserve the crown for queen of simplicity and loveliness!
  10. Nov 23-2009 , 07:27PM
    This is adorable!
  11. Nov 24-2009 , 11:51AM
    reading your words and looking at your lovely pictures makes my life sweeter in so many ways. your children are gorgeous!
  12. Nov 24-2009 , 12:16PM
    oh my goodness...she is so adorable!
  13. Nov 24-2009 , 11:11PM
    I do too, that is why white is my favorite colors. These photos speak to my soul, breath taking.
  14. Kelly:
    Dec 02-2009 , 12:41PM
    Hi! Beautiful and breathtaking, as always! Could someone tell me where to find the delightful crown? Thank you kindly!
  15. Jan 23-2010 , 04:40PM
    I'm so glad I found this site. Everything here is exquisite – you have a magnificent sense of beauty and simplicity. It is heavenly here! I'm in awe!
  16. Pam:
    May 17-2012 , 10:40PM
    Found this via Pinterist. Since you have a Pinterist button, I'm gonna take that as permission to repin. :) Love these pics.
  17. Jessica Gamez:
    Oct 20-2012 , 12:39AM
    Where did you get that crown?