of being in love….

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 21-2009 , 12:03AM
    Lovely...not in good mood today, and saw this Chinese painted deco on the wall...for some reasons, it reminds me of these sweet moments when my husband and I just met...remember this is the first gift I gave to my husband...and this brighten my day...
  2. Oct 21-2009 , 06:54AM
    It's been a long time since I've been in love with another person...thank you for reminding me of what that feels like...and what I have to look forward to!
  3. Oct 21-2009 , 11:09AM
    very sweet!
  4. Oct 21-2009 , 04:33PM
    Love the fun, refreshing "not a care in the world" feeling of these photos & the great colors of the dress!
  5. Oct 21-2009 , 04:58PM
    wow, i love these.
  6. Oct 22-2009 , 08:45AM
    love is absolutely the best thing ever and the feeling of just falling in love is simply forever in our memory! xx
  7. Oct 25-2009 , 12:16PM
    When I see a collection of images like this it makes me rethink everything I see and the way I see it. What a beautiful gift.