its with great pleasure that i share this beautiful wedding….


nicole & adam are such a sweet couple….and there wedding was a lovely mixture of family, creativity &  homemade touches….nicole is an amazingly talented photographer…you must visit her blog….


 the details were simply stunning & they were also very meaningful to the bride & groom….


not only did we spend some time in an apple orchard to take some sweet images of the happy couple….the bride & groom also made gift baskets that included some of the perfect apples….


and nicole made all of the beautiful little labels herself…..she’s so creative


look at the beautiful quilt she made too….there is nothing quite as sweet as a homemade quilt hug….


the couple also shared delicious homemade cookies (made from family recipes) with their guests & as people left the reception they received the recipes to make the cookies at home…a sweet touch….


they might just be one of the sweetest couples ever


between kisses…we took photographs…lots of photographs


family matters…the bride & groom were surrounded by the love of both of their families…


adam & nicole share a laugh by their homemade wedding sign…and their joy was contagious

   the tables at their reception were adorned with images from the happy couple’s childhood


as the night came to an end…the couple exited through a tunnel of lights held up by friends & family


a sweet ending to a sweet celebration….


to learn more about nicole visit

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 27-2009 , 07:46PM
    These photographs are stunning! Nicole is a wonderful photographer you have done her justice truly beautiful wedding was captured perfectly!!
  2. Oct 27-2009 , 08:15PM
    Oh my gosh - I've been dying to see these for a year! Sooo worth the wait. She did an amazing job, as did you with the incredible photos.
  3. Oct 27-2009 , 09:59PM
    Wow, this wedding is amazingly beautiful, and you captured it perfectly! The word, "wow" seriously keeps repeating in my head. just beautiful!
  4. Oct 28-2009 , 07:08AM
    Really stunning photographs - I follow Nicole's blog and enjoy her work so much. What a delight to see that her wedding day was captured so beautifully!
  5. Oct 28-2009 , 11:15AM
    Oh, stunning! Viewing your images leaves me feeling so happy Elizabeth ... :) Nicole is a beautiful bride. Love all the meaningful details in their wedding.
  6. Oct 28-2009 , 02:04PM
    Elizabeth, your work is beautiful. I check back often and every time I do I am blown away. I heart EM!
  7. Oct 28-2009 , 06:34PM
    awesome job all the way around! thanks!!!!!
  8. Oct 29-2009 , 01:49PM
    I love the photos~ i follow Nicole's blog as to see her in photos~ love your very creative style~ :)
  9. Oct 30-2009 , 04:31AM
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  10. Oct 30-2009 , 01:17PM
    I absolutely LOVE this wedding, amazing touches everywhere, and so well captured by you.
  11. Kate:
    Oct 31-2009 , 09:12AM
    I love so much about this wedding- especially her dress! so pretty and feminine and comfortable!
  12. Basak:
    Nov 02-2009 , 05:34AM
    This is a really perfect wedding; apples, cottage, cards, cake.. everthing is perfect.My wedding was three years ago and I wish Iwould had a chance to see this wedding for a sample :)
  13. Nov 03-2009 , 09:19AM
    Ahhhh, this just makes me happy :)
  14. Nov 03-2009 , 01:44PM
    Beautiful pics! And of course lovely couple:D
  15. Nov 03-2009 , 04:32PM
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  16. Nov 06-2009 , 07:45AM
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  17. Jan 19-2010 , 08:57PM
    These wedding images are wonderful! I love all your detail shots. Keep up the fantastic work!
  18. Feb 06-2011 , 10:28PM
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  19. May 14-2012 , 06:16PM
    Hello! I love love love this post!!! I'm getting married next year and am just DYING to know where this little gem of a venue is hiding!! Can you please please please shoot me an email as to it's location?!! Thank a million!!