last night my husband cooked dinner….he set the table, got our children situated & served our hot meal….it had been a long day for everyone….and as he casually took care of all of us, i realized how soulful & important a home cooked meal is….i ate & laughed & looked across the table & sighed….


my belly & heart were full…here’s to all the men who know what we need; heart, mind, body & soul.

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 22-2009 , 08:21AM
    This is so true! My fiance is a wonderful cook and loves to as well so when we do sit down together it makes me feel so content (heart, mind, body & soul). I think I fall in love with him all over again. :)
  2. Oct 22-2009 , 08:24AM
    that's my favoirte time of the day too. sitting around the dinner table with the hubby and kiddo!
  3. Oct 22-2009 , 10:10AM
    That's so true and indeed healthy for everyone's soul as well as the family's common life. Never done often enough over here.
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