all of these images are of sacred spaces the LOVELY FRANCE WORKSHOP attendees will visit


there are so many places that are sacred to me….
my children’s bedrooms….my kitchen….
where is your sacred space??

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Ingrid Rivera:
    Oct 14-2009 , 07:07AM
    Absolutely lovely.
  2. Oct 14-2009 , 07:10AM
    Amazing pictures!!!!!!
  3. Janneke:
    Oct 15-2009 , 12:12AM
    My sacred places are the forests. Specially now the trees are getting red and gold.
    I love the silence, only the birds are singing their song for God. And for us!
  4. Oct 15-2009 , 06:29AM
    amazing! i love the colors
  5. Oct 15-2009 , 02:44PM
    so beautiful i love the images.
  6. Oct 15-2009 , 04:00PM
    Oh my goodness, what gorgeous images!
  7. steve (uk):
    Oct 16-2009 , 05:29AM
    lovely images Elizabeth..
    'sacred'has its roots in the divine and holy.... the heart set apart for God, thats truely sacred.
  8. Oct 16-2009 , 07:10PM
    oh how i wish i could attend the workshop! ever since you've written about it....i've dreamed about it. and all of the lovely, amazing photos you have put on here have made those dreams more vivid. beautiful work. you inspire me so.
  9. Dec 06-2009 , 12:54AM
    Amazing as always :)