a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 13-2009 , 08:55AM
    oh, the fall colors...how they make every wedding photo better.
  2. Oct 13-2009 , 09:27AM
    that's beautiful!!
  3. Oct 13-2009 , 10:00AM
    I love this! I'm so glad I was able to provide the parasol for the shoot... this image is amazing! :)
  4. Oct 13-2009 , 05:59PM
    Beautiful image!!! Love the colors...
  5. Oct 16-2009 , 02:52PM
    Love this photo! These parasols make a great statement at any wedding. Bridesmaids can carry parasols that match the wedding colors or have a variety handy for your bridesmaids to add a splash of color to your wedding line and really make a statement!
  6. Oct 18-2009 , 10:02AM
    I love the shot in the woods, with the the bride & groom hiding behind the white parasol, with all the brown fallen leaves on the ground....very sweet and romantic. Makes me want to fall in love...(sigh) Simply beautiful!
  7. Jun 14-2011 , 06:42PM
    Cute shot! You think of everything!!