in our house we are all about the treats, we’ve been making sweet jack-o-lanterns for years…and no scary costumes either…here’s the thing, life is full of things that can scare you & growing up is wrought with bumps & twists….so for us…its sweets, pumpkins with hearts & cute costumes….we simply just don’t need to be scared to have fun, but that’s just us;)…wishing you lots & lots of treats…


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 31-2009 , 08:19AM
    couldn't agree more with you. i'm also into sweet halloween and pretty costume. it's more fun this way. happy halloween for you and fam.
  2. Oct 31-2009 , 09:42AM
    I wholeheartedly agree and couldn't say it any better. In fact, I quoted and linked you on my blog. I hope you have the happiest of Halloweens.
  3. Janneke:
    Oct 31-2009 , 12:22PM
    Very beautiful way of celebrating halloween!!
  4. Nov 01-2009 , 05:06AM
    I m glad to know that someone else fills the same way I do. I was never into the scary stuff growing up. my sun loves it but my little girl doesn't. Next year I will do what you did. I identify so much with your take on life. You seam to celebrate life in a very rich and meaningful way. Closer to the heart, and your photography is very much in tune with your inner self
    Thank you for sharing.
  5. Nov 02-2009 , 09:44PM
    Elizabeth, you are the sweetest thing. I love your passion for life and finding beauty in all things..
  6. Liz B.:
    Nov 04-2009 , 09:02AM
    I agree too - no scary stuff for me! I adore your pumpkin - in honor of our puppy my husband and I carved a dog face on our pumkin and everyone loved it...
  7. Jan's camera:
    Nov 14-2009 , 11:46AM
    Beautiful pumpkin photo.