that’s right…its official…the first issue of GET MARRIED is out….i was so honored to photograph the premier issue’s cover….so i thought i’d share some of the behind the scenes images from the shoot….


the bright beautiful florals by mark’s garden were a joy to capture


this magazine is full of lovely ideas & eye candy to inspire your wedding



a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 02-2009 , 07:05AM
  2. Oct 02-2009 , 07:10AM
    Stunning!!!!!! your work is just stunning!!!!!!!!!!!
    such an artist!!!!!!
  3. Oct 02-2009 , 07:41AM
    I love the cover! The photo of gift box in the woman's hand is so beautiful. You are an true artistic visionary.
  4. Oct 02-2009 , 08:00AM
    Gorgeous! Wow, the colors are amazing...
  5. Oct 02-2009 , 08:21AM
    beautiful shots! Great work...congrats!
  6. Oct 03-2009 , 07:23AM
    Great job capturing the style and beauty of the magazine.
  7. Oct 04-2009 , 08:30AM
    the color... is amazing. you are wonderful.. i always enjoy your photos. so pure
  8. Oct 05-2009 , 06:32AM
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  9. Oct 05-2009 , 06:34AM
    Just lovely! The colors are so inspiring.
  10. Oct 05-2009 , 08:25AM
    those pinks are to die for =) Good job elizabeth! more to come please =)
  11. Oct 05-2009 , 09:05PM
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