man + woman + chateau + flower = true love


kiss & tell (she said)….

“I remember our first kiss feeling like it was such a long time in the making…  I was dying for it, I wanted him to kiss me so badly! It was the end of our first real date and I felt like I had to have it happen, right then… I turned around and he surprised me by grabbing my face and kissing me, it was perfect… I melted… “


kiss & tell (he said)….

“I remember wanting to kiss her lips from the moment she burst into the room. I love their shape! Our first kiss was at the end of our first real date, after weeks of flirting at work, and a few group dates…  I felt like everything was in slow motion. I thought if I didn’t kiss her now, I would not get another chance! It was not like me to do this, I am not a first move guy. I grabbed her face and finally got to kiss those beautiful lips of hers!”


this beautiful couple (adam & kim) were married (at the same chateau that will host the LOVELY france workshop) several years ago & their love is still going strong….they are both wonderful photographers & kim is one of the founders of JUNEBUG weddings (one of the sponsors of A LOVELY WORKSHOP)….it was a pleasure to capture their genuine affection for each other…


these lovely images were taken on the grounds in front of the chateau….now certainly you don’t NEED a flower, or the perfect little white dress, or even a french chateau to make beautiful photographs…but it sure doesn’t hurt;)….may your days be full of flowers & your nights be full of….



a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 07-2009 , 08:22AM
  2. Oct 07-2009 , 09:07AM
    I love all of these, but that first photo is just perfection! Beautiful beautiful beautiful!
  3. Oct 07-2009 , 09:14AM
    I adore Kim & Adam, and these photos capture them perfectly! Thanks for sharing.
  4. ali:
    Oct 07-2009 , 11:17AM
    yes, yes, yes! they rock.
  5. Kandace:
    Oct 07-2009 , 11:26AM
    I love how you captured their playfulness in such fun compositions! Thanks for sharing.
  6. Oct 08-2009 , 05:25AM
    they look so in love...beautiful!
  7. Oct 08-2009 , 11:11AM

    These photos touched my heart and made me cry. You captured Kim and Adam so perfectly; their love, their joy and their generous spirits. All of us at Junebug are so grateful to know you and for everything you bring to our lives.
  8. Oct 08-2009 , 11:11AM
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  9. Nicole Logsdon:
    Oct 08-2009 , 05:54PM
    Love the pictures! It was great to meet you on the way to the train station! Kim and Adam are such a wonderful couple and so happy these pictures captured there true love and joy!
  10. Oct 10-2009 , 08:51PM
    I agree with everyone! And I especially love the first image as well! Beautiful job capturing Kim and Adam's love and energy together! :)
  11. Oct 12-2009 , 08:23AM
    They look like such a fun couple! love the pictures!
  12. Oct 12-2009 , 01:32PM
    Such sweet shots! What a beautiful couple!
  13. Oct 12-2009 , 04:17PM
    wow....these are stunning. love the moments you captured - and her dress is so pretty!
  14. Oct 14-2009 , 01:47PM
    I love how you captured such loving, playful energy here! I get happier and happier with each photo. Such beautiful work!
  15. Oct 15-2009 , 02:07PM
    Ah! Kim and Adam look so natural with you. You caught Kim's beauty and personality so well.
  16. Oct 15-2009 , 05:55PM
    Their love makes these photographs regardless of the location or florals! They are precious.
  17. Oct 16-2009 , 01:48PM
    These are so beautiful. I love that you can feel their happiness just by looking at the photos. Happy to have discovered your work!
  18. Oct 17-2009 , 05:05PM
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  19. Mar 17-2010 , 04:49AM
    So simple, elegant, beautiful, you have photographed Love.