i have a secret love of graveyards…there is something so beautiful about a place that honors those we love…i’m especially drawn to old graveyards; the beautiful stones, carved angels…secrets within secrets…there are incredible graveyards in & around paris, some of which we will visit during A LOVELY WORKSHOP in france…beauty lies in the most unexpected places….have a lovely monday.

a little more sweetness...

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  1. Oct 12-2009 , 08:09AM
    they do make interesting backdrops for sessions...even some of the modern ones have cool fountains and architecture that can be used. great shots on this set.
  2. Oct 12-2009 , 08:59AM
    i see why you love them...beautiful images.
  3. Oct 12-2009 , 10:39AM
    I too love graveyards. I find them oddly romantic. I wonder about the secrets that will never be told. Great pictures.
  4. Oct 12-2009 , 03:16PM
    this reminds me of the beginning of audrey niffenegger's new book, her fearful symmetry. her words capture the feeling you've set in the first few pages.
  5. Oct 12-2009 , 08:31PM
    I also feel the same way. You say it so gracefully. I have often thought about a session in a graveyard but did not know if it would be morbid but your pictures are beautiful and well done. You pulled them of wonderfully!
  6. Oct 13-2009 , 08:50AM
    I just went a wedding this past weekend and was completely in the love mood - then, i stumple upon your blog ... how wonderful!!! those images are truly starling and completely captured the essence of romance of love! I am subscribing your blog :-))) xoxo
  7. Nov 15-2009 , 10:44PM
    This little girl is too cute!