when you have the perfect veil….you really don’t need anything else….


twigs & honey has a new collection of headpieces & birdcage veils that
make me a bit weak in the knees….each piece is a stunning work of art.


myra on twigs & honey…..

” I’ll be continuing to create handmade and unique pieces that are aimed at complimenting natural beauty while celebrating femininity. The new collection will include pieces that echo vintage styles while being fresh and modern. This coming season, expect to see more color through hand painted flowers that are constructed petal by petal from silks and fine cottons. All the shading is done by hand and the flowers are then hand sewn to form beautiful adornments. The line will continue to create functional yet exciting and bold pieces for everyday, special occasions and weddings. The new collections will bring together the loveliest materials from vintage and embellished laces to oversized feathers, with each piece having its own character. New pieces will be added throughout the coming season.”


these lovely hair adornments could be worn for your wedding…rehearsal dinner or cocktail party.


myra’s kiss & tell…..

“Matt and I have shared so many kisses over the years and each one has its own story to tell. One lovely kiss happened during a camping trip before we were married. The day was warm and dry and the sun had just ducked beneath the horizon. After setting up camp, we took a stroll down a dusty, beaten trail alongside a gently flowing river. Hand in hand, we watched the blue sky give way to the night, the moon rising to take its place among the stars. We noticed the simple things… the ripples on the water… laughter from the neighboring campfires… the tall summer dried grass tickling our calves… a tiny toad coming out of its hiding place for a late supper. After attempting to catch crayfish with no luck, we made our way underneath a bridge… a secret place where we could both enjoy the presence of the other. Leaning in toward each other, as natural as the sun seems to approach the land on its way to bring a new day to a distant land, we gave each other a sweet and simple kiss. Familiar, comforting, but in its own way, new… as it is every time with each new experience that comes with it.”



a little more sweetness...

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  1. Sep 28-2009 , 11:40AM
    we're huge fans of Twigs & Honey. What lovely hair pieces.
  2. Sep 28-2009 , 01:02PM
    Oh I just love these - gorgeous!!!
  3. Sep 28-2009 , 07:54PM
    Ooolala. I've been looking for a new headpiece designer. I'm on the hunt for the PERFECT one. :)
  4. Sep 28-2009 , 11:02PM
    Thank you, Elizabeth! Matt and I are typing to you at the Paris airport and we are bound for Istanbul right now. I had a little time to check out your blog and am giddy to see this lovely post! Thank you and I'll talk to you after we get back! xo - M & M
  5. Sep 29-2009 , 08:50AM
    I wish I knew about this company before my wedding and I wish I had the courage to do a cage veil, it is one of my biggest regrets!
  6. Sep 29-2009 , 11:51PM
    These are exquisite photos and gorgeous pieces!
  7. Oct 01-2009 , 11:49AM
    I love them all! I've been a fan of Myra's for a while and I love seeing what she keeps coming up with! I am also absolutely in love with the photography!
  8. Oct 04-2009 , 08:47PM
    I am so in love with the bejeweled flower/feather combination headpiece! They are the perfect blend of ladylike, sassy bride, and vintage flair making them so absolutely perfect for so many different brides' styles. Thank you for sharing these lovely pieces!
  9. Feb 07-2011 , 01:45PM
    These are gorgeous!