“I want a Sunday kind of love, 
A love to last, past Saturday night,
I’d like to know it’s more than love at first sight,
I want a Sunday kind of love. 

I want a love that’s on the square,
Can’t seem to find somebody to care,
I’m on a lonely road that leads me nowhere,
I need a Sunday kind of love.

I do my Sunday dreaming, and all my Sunday scheming, 
Every minute, every hour, every day, 
I’m hoping to discover a certain kind of lover, 
Who can show me the way.

My arms need someone to enfold,
To keep me warm when Mondays are cold,
A love for all my life to have and to hold,
I want a Sunday kind of love.”


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Sep 06-2009 , 07:16AM
    Love this!
  2. Sep 06-2009 , 01:15PM
    "A love for all my life to have and to hold..."

    Etta James is one of my all time faves. Thanks for sharing!
  3. Sep 07-2009 , 02:18PM
    Wonderful although I do get the feeling of the kiss of life in this photo! Not necessarily a bad thing.