“gosh….i think i have shared a million kisses with patrick and
each one makes me want to kiss him a million times more…

our first kiss was on our second date. it was so new, so fresh &
i was so excited. it was early evening and we were walking to grab
a drink at bar noir at the maison 140 hotel. we were on the street,
the moonlight above us…it was so romantic. we were walking…
holding hands…then we stopped and turned toward each other.
he looked at me, i looked at him…
and we kissed.

i knew in that moment that this was something very real & special.
he is so kind and loving and brings a sense of peace to my life.
i love my husband…”


a little more sweetness...

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  1. Sep 16-2009 , 07:21AM
    i'm going to take a shot in the dark and say this is a hallway in the dorothy chandler pavillion in la?
  2. Sep 16-2009 , 09:34AM
    that is just lovely...and lovely words too.